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Ice Cap Rabbit

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The ice cap rabbit, despite what its name implies, is not related to other rabbit species on Etharai, and is in fact incredibly unique in its geneology. Though it is visually congruent with other species that share the name "rabbit", but it is actually a predator in its habitat, subsisting off of herbivores such as the snowslug, and the picklebelly penguin, which is almost twice the size of this fierce animal.


The ice cap rabbit looks almost identical to other rabbit species, albeit with white fur and slightly larger in size. However, upon close inspection, some key differences can be found: primarily, the rabbit's eyes are a blood red colour, its teeth sharp, as opposed to the flat teeth of its herbivorous namesake, and its eyes more forward-facing than one would expect of a prey species. Still, the rabbit's plump face and features, as well as its large eyes, make it incredibly adorable. Visitors to the northern ice caps where it resides are often fooled into taking pity on it, only to be brutally attacked by this unforgiving and bloodthirsty species.

Behaviour & Psychology

To any reasonable onlooker, the way that the ice cap rabbit dismembers its prey would almost imply that the species enjoys the act of killing. There are few organisms that it is benevolent towards, and members of its own species are not even safe from this threat. The rabbit is known to purposefully attack its own kin, and children will often kill their mothers shortly after their birth. The ice cap rabbit does not care about plant life, however, seeming to not recognise it as living - perhaps due to the fact that most plants do not bleed.
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Group of Penguins on Ice by Pixabay


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