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The snowslug is a species that can be found on the planet's northern ice cap. They move slowly and blindly, making their way through the ice to aimlessly look for their food.


The snowslug has grey skin, with a hard mantle atop its head and two short antennae. It is a semi-slug, possessing a small shell that it cannot fit fully into. It produces a mucus that breaks down ice crystals, and so it leaves grooves in the ice where it moves.


The snowslug primarily feeds on ice lichen, specifically eating the parts that are connected to the ice, rather than the "leaves" expanding outwards. It is eaten primarily by ice cap rabbits, as well as the lightdancer lark.

Uses & Byproducts

The snowslug's mucus, due to its ice-melting properties, is often used by the norrith to prevent certain items from freezing. It is also used in a few different treatments for frostbite, as well as in cleaning agents. It can quickly thaw frozen items, making it useful in that regard as well. The mucus is rather gross, so it is generally only used as a last resort. When cooked, the snowslug can also be eaten, and is typically separated from its shell and cooked in butter before being served. Due to its small size, multiple slugs must be eaten to constitute a full meal, so it is often only used as a side.
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Group of Penguins on Ice by Pixabay


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