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The beardcat is an amythomite species native to the Aura-filled magical wastes. They are an energophobic species, able to move about their natural habitats unaffected by the wounded and gushing bloodlines. They are a feline species, stalking their habitats with both grace and caution. The sapient species of the region, known as sophans, have been known to keep beardcats as pets - though the domesticated species can be argued to be different from the wild one.

Basic Information


The beardcat is a large feline creature with grey-tan fur, additional tufts extending from their ears and chin - the latter being where the species gets its name. They have retractable claws, which they use in combination with their excellent hearing and vision to hunt their prey. Their claws also allow them to dig into the ground, which is how they make their dens, protected by layers of foliage and the torn-off spikes of their primary prey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The primary prey of the beardcat are spined mephit, small but fierce weasel-like creatures that make their homes in the ratweed lining the floor of the biome. Beardcats have developed a resistance against the toxins held in the spines of the spined mephit, allowing them to tear these spikes off before they have their meals. They use these spikes to line the outsides of their dens, to deter predators from entering their homes.
Geographic Distribution


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