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Orrian Pajor (or-EE-ahn pah-HOR)

Supreme Orrian Pajor

Orrian Pajor was one of the original founders of the Shadi Order during the early Folatia Era, and took the title of Shadi Supreme by means of coercion and bribery.   He is most famous for smuggling and dealing Grave Dust shortly after it was discovered, and once he uncovered the method of extracting and refining it, he executed the scientists that originally discovered it so he could corner the market.

Personality Characteristics


Pajor sought to make as much money as he could, with little regard who who got hurt along the way. Through means of extortion, bribery, cohersion, murder, and smuggling, he built up a massive wealth that served to fund the Shadi Order to the modern day.



Pajor was blunt and abrasive, quick to violence, and worked his way to the top through his wits and cunning as opposed to brute force or philanthropy.

Wealth & Financial state

Pajor was born into a slum within the Folatia Empire, and quickly took to crime as a means of supporting his family. When his older brother was deployed to the front lines against the Arborlich, Pajor fled his home along with several criminal allies and founded the Shadi Order so they could continue.   Over the years, he ammassed a fortune that remains unknown to this day, as the Shadi financial records were spread across multiple bookeepers in order to prevent any one of them exposing the true value and location of the hoard.
Aligned Organization


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