Heir Jérôme Zériesse


A character in Book 1: Rituals of Blood and Power. He is the son and heir of Lord Hippolyte Zériesse and Lord-Consort Quentin Zériesse. The Estate of Zériesse is the biggest Light Estate located in the North of the empire. Their House is very influential in the Light faction and has close ties with its leader, Lord-Consul Xénophène Ylucianie.   Jérôme works for the army of their Estate and he is training in the hope of joining the army of the Light faction under the command of Lord Rémi Scranenne. He decided to join the courtship of Lady Annabelle Alyssenne because of the close ties between their two Houses - their fathers grew up together. He hates politics and the courtship promises to be full of them, however has an open and friendly personality and hopes to make the young lady feel welcome in the high society of the empire.    

General informations

Prononciation: Jérôme Zériesse

House: Zériesse

Position: Heir

Works in the Estate army, wishes to work in the imperial army

Politics: Light

Battle magic, crafting of battle staff

Power level: High nobility

Living Place: Estate of Zériesse

Age: 34

Skin: Darker skin of the Northerners

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark  


His fathers are Lord Hippolyte Zériesse and Lord-Consort Quentin Zériesse.  

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