Everything Ever Produced

Everything Ever Produced, better known throughout Eden by the acronym EEP, is a media library purported to include every song, film, TV show, and book ever created—from every iteration of reality. Looking for the Beatles’ Live Aid performance from the iteration where Lennon was never shot? EEP has it. Want to read a book that was lost when the Great Library burned? EEP has that, too.


Stored on servers kept secure in the vaults of Uptown’s branch of The First Imperial Bank of Oz, EEP is beamed across the whole of paradise via the wireless EdenNet and is typically accessed via EEP Audiovisual Implants.


Yeah, But How’d They Get It All?!

Each time an iteration of reality ends and refugees arrive in Eden, Gillikins scour the survivors for media they can scan into EEP. This early intervention assures that individuals are more than willing to turn over their devices and physical media for the “greater good,” whereas—it is feared—efforts to collect material later in a given Interregnum might result in resistance and questions about what the Gillikins are up to.


Also: the free “lifetime” access to EEP is less attractive once the targeted individual realizes they’ll only be in Eden for a short while, before reality reboots into its next iteration.


When an individual survivor is unwilling to share, Gillikins will employ the services of either The Witch of the North or the Munchkin Undercover Division (MUD) to enchant, entice, or otherwise coerce the subject into giving the Gillikins what they want.


The Witch of the North, together with covens from The Faith of the First Mother, also partake in “restoration” projects. During these projects, practioners of magic piece together media that would otherwise be lost from the memories of refugees.


The memories of EEP Implant wearers are also continuously scanned to aid in these restoration projects—data which is definitely not used in any nefarious ways, no sir.


Lastly, during recent Interregnums, Quadling merchants have been begun turning up in Uptown with entire truckloads of servers to sell. Where they are getting this material from is a mystery, but the Gillikins don’t seem to care very much. As long as they’re getting new material and selling more subscriptions, they’re happy.


Okay, So How Do I Listen/Watch/Read?

Though any display technology—even a lowly 1970s television set with rabbit ears—can be configured to receive EEP signals, the preferred method of interaction is a set of EEP Audiovisual Implants surgically inserted into the temples of an individual. These are available for the low, low price of your privacy.


And your soul.


The subscription fee to access the EEP database is rolled into an individual’s tax bill in many Edenian municipalities, but it is also available for purchase. Additionally, individuals without the means to purchase a subscription can subscribe to an ad-supported plan and be inundated with targeted promotions morning, noon, and night.

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Jan 2, 2022 13:21

Oh I love this concept a lot. The idea of an archive that keeps track of everything everywhere sounds like a fun thing to binge just to see what alternate versions of popular media exist.   I do wonder how difficult it must be to categorise everything on the servers. I can imagine search filters must be very specific to get exactly what you want.

Jan 2, 2022 16:13 by E. Christopher Clark

Oh my gosh, that would be such a great story plot: the life of the halfling(s) who has to keep everything categorized on the servers. Maybe intercut with a user who doesn't understand just how much work goes into it. And then they meet or something.   Anyway, thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

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Jan 2, 2022 19:23 by Patricia

I was immediately hooked into this so much that by the end of the article I was thinking, "Soul... eh, whatever. Hook me up, I'm finding the Clara Schumann symphonic catalog."

Jan 2, 2022 19:32 by E. Christopher Clark

haha! that's awesome.

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Jan 14, 2022 01:47 by Ademal

Hold up, you're telling me I could watch all 6 seasons and a movie of Firefly?   I'm not about to give up my soul (not for any moral reasons, I've just already sold it several times over and can't afford any more complications) but I'm left wondering: how does one go about pirating this stuff?   This article is wonderfully situated in your universe, and does a great job making me want to click off into a dozen other articles!

CSS Whisperer • Community Admin • Author of Ethnis
Jan 14, 2022 11:40 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks for the comment! Good question about the mechanics of pirating, which I'll have to think about. And I love the notion/question of mortgaging your soul multiple times. I might have to write an article about that some day!

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Jan 25, 2022 08:58 by Maybe Stewart

This was such a fun read, especially for someone that still grieves the Library of Alexandria. The whole concept was so enticing, and the hints of something nefarious at work under the surface strikes the perfect balance. Well done!

Jan 25, 2022 11:43 by E. Christopher Clark

Thank you! Yes, this was a fun one. I can't wait to work it into a short story or novel somehow.

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