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Praetorian Corps

During the period when Neu Bonn was founded, the Praetorian Corps was created, as the ultimate and unrelenting repression force. It is the official police arm of the Hellios Conglomerate.
  The Praetorians are selected the moment they reach childhood, and they are trained to be strong, efficient and completely emotionless. They are equipped with all the new advancements Conglomerate Technology has to offer, ranging from firearms, to body armor and intelligence. Their main area of operations is the City of Neu Bonn where they carry out guard duties of the Collars and the lower ranks of the Luminaries.  
  Their prime objective is to protect the interests of Hellios from whoever is considered a threat against them, and the list is long: pirates and all kinds of outlaws, Subhumans, ambitious Syndicate members, religious fanatics, FOI fighters, spies and agents from the other Families.   Hellios is allocating a significant part of its resources to the Praetorian Corps every year, in order to ensure they can maintain control over its most crucial social and economic center. The Corps headquarters are located in the City, as part of the Ministry of Authority, a dreaded place where justice is supposed to be served, but few who enter see the light of day again.   The Praetorian Corps consist of four Divisions: Aerial Division City Patrol Sunland Patrol Paragon Order   The Paragons are a group of elite agents, superior in physical, mental and technical capabilities, commissioned in special operations.


Art by
Abraham Joshua / India


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