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Since the first years of The Lapse, newly formed electromagnetic fields around the globe deemed all electronic equipment useless, sending the technological status of humankind back to the first days of the industrial revolution. Although the lack of electronics affected every conceivable aspect of human life, it is transportation, communications and activities based on data that have been affected the most.
  Decades, if not eons, of research and advancement have been lost or are just useless. The return to analogue technologies was unavoidable, and after the first shock, the world rushed to adjust to the new conditions.   As electronics were incapacitated, Internet access has been lost, so information networks returned to analogue media. Only the Conglomerates are privileged enough to use their privately-owned landlines and Telex machines to exchange messages and data.   After the Descent Wars and the redistribution of power around the world, analogue technologies were implemented in all Conglomerate activities, as well as in the lives of the common people.   All data documentation and storage has to be done either in writing or, for more advanced operations, using a punched card system. The telegraph and telex machines are used to transfer data over the telephone lines. Portable machinery and devices are made possible thanks to the Hellios breakthroughs in solar batteries. Energy distribution is meant mainly for Conglomerate needs, leaving the lower Castes with just a few hours of electricity per day.  
  All efforts to create working transistors have failed.   Electricity is generated but can only power basic machines. Solar energy is abundant, but solar panels are restricted for Conglomerate use, as they are the only ones allowed by law to harness solar power. Using solar panels in one’s home is illegal in most places.


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