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Ptolus Major Gods (TOL-us)


Official Religion


Lothian, God of Justice & Purity

The Church of Lothian

(LG) Life, Light

Major Gods

Ptolus Gods Major Asche by WhiteWingedCrow

Asche, God of Cities

(N) Civilization*, Knowledge, Life
A major god of civilization and sophisticated living.
Ptolus Gods Major Gaen by WhiteWingedCrow

Gaen, Goddess of Light

(LG) Light, Radiance*
A popular and powerful religion. The Temple of Gaen is one of the largest and most impressive temples on a street of large and impressive temples. Gaen’s clerics are proactive and struggle against evil at every turn. Gaen is the sister of Mirresh.
Ptolus Gods Major Inurath by WhiteWingedCrow

Inurath, Mistress of War

(CN) War
The most popular of many war deities, Inurath was originally a goddess of the people of Nall.
Ptolus Gods Major Navashtrom by WhiteWingedCrow

Navashtrom, God of Strength and Harmony

(NG) Life
A popular religion in Ptolus. The followers of Navashtrom are often warriors and adventurers.

The Sisters of Death

(N and NE) Death
The Sisters, or the Sisters of Death, Heiran and Nareis are know by many names, each an opposing force to the other. Heiran represents the natural order of death including grief and mourning. Nareis her sister represents death by lies, corruption, murder and the unnatural hastening. Prophecies revolve around a chosen few caught in the middle of The Sisters attentions and designs. HR
Ptolus Gods Major Teun.png
Ptolus Gods Major Teun by WhiteWingedCrow

Teun, Mother of All Machines

(LN) Civilization*, Technology*
Another old Prustan deity, Teun is the goddess of machines and technology. She is revered by Grailwarden dwarves as well as humans.

Cover image: Lothian Stained Glass Text by WhiteWingedCrow


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