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Olakai Series

A Night Merchant family from another continent to the far south that owns and operates the Morana Merchant House. They are semi-successful and easy to work with, but never reaching the level of say Torbrin Shipping.
Six members of the Olakai family following the direction of their eldest Volker. Each with their own lovel of involvement with the Morana Merchant House and each with their own agenda.
Every face wears a mask, Volker Olakai and his family are no different. They are vampires living subtly between the cracks of the mortal city. Blending and walking among you, feeding and stealing your blood while they embed themselves deeper out of sight.
  The Olakai vampires could be the focus of an adventure for Hunters set to expose and destroy them, they could be allies hiring a party of Hunters to take out their enemies or they could be that unique third party thorn for vampire players to delve into.
What happens when the vampires of the Shadow War arrive in the new world, the city and discover other civilized vampires? They appear to have no formalized clan or covenant, they do not know of the sacred blood. Does this make them savages, enemies, allies or lost kindred?


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