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Olakai Merchant Family


  The Horava create a strange and troublesome revelation amongst the Kindred. Many believe that they are not the true spawn of Vecna which would explain their lack of clans and covenants. Volker has taken several under his wing, practicing the Masquerade out of necessity, Volker creates a false identity of being the eldest relative of the family.  
I just don't understand how the Olakai family maintains their business, they have a family of six mouths to feed and yet they never seem to want. Well no I am not saying they are rich, maybe well off.
- Cedric Walker, Merchant of Spice and Spirits
  While slowly building a merchant business with multiple small side business adventures Volker is careful to not cross important players like Torbrin Trading not wanting to draw attention. From time to time Volker allows Torish or Velon to involve him in light black market deals but never lingers long with any one venture.    

Family Members


Volker Olakai

  As the head of the Olakai family, Volker Olakai assures all is well within business and family matters. He is a foreboding figure: tall with pale skin and sleek pitch-black hair with a prominent beard and mustache. Quiet, the elder of the Olakai family tends to speak just softly enough to where one feels compelled to hang upon his every word. At one point, Volker did indeed have a wife, though he never speaks of her. She died before Volker's "embrace" and many know not to ask of her lest they incur his rage. She is survived by Torish and Chessia, the only two in the family that are biological offspring of Volker.    

Torish Olakai

  The firstborn son of Volker, Torish Olakai is a brazen young man that prides himself on being just as business savvy as his father. He is clean-shaven and always seems to have a smirk on his charming and masculine face. His sense of fashion is what sets him apart from his siblings. Each and every week he purchases new clothing, keeping his tailors and seamstresses rather busy with creating styles that were dreamed up by Torish himself. While some are incredibly handsome and fetching, others are garish. The clothing that ultimately ends up looking ugly is credited to the tailor or seamstress that made it. The successful and popular fashions are what he takes full credit for.  Nearing thirty, Torish now owns and manages a small merchant caravans that specialize in textiles and jewelry. Much to the dismay of his father, Torish finds great joy in flaunting his wealth about public places by wearing expensive silks and jewelry while always paying more than what is owed at pubs and restaurants. He disdains the practice of feeding on mortal blood as beastly and for his own sake masks all such activities with mortal activities, be it a brothel or one night fling. In truth this has made his feeding habits very effective and hard to detect.    

Chessia Olakai

  Chessia Olakai is a smaller, petite woman with the unassuming youthful face of a proper, fair lady. Taking after her father, her dark wavy hair contrasts heavily against her pale skin and she is seldom seen without a dress. Volker's only other child, Chessia Olakai, at the age of twenty is the younger sister of Torrish. She has little interest in the family business, helping here and there as an afterthought or last choice. She still dreams of romance and princes, while crying tears of blood for a future that she can never have. Chessia often laments in her diary on how she wishes to be free of the city walls to live a life under the sun again. Torrish often sees to her blood feeding bringing a snack or double date for her. When left unattended she has been shy and careless with feeding, several times creating a problem that Volker had to attend to.    

Velon Olakai

  Velon Olakai is a strange fellow. To the public, Velon is Volker's distant cousin. Behind the Masquerade, however, Velon is the one who assures that the dark secrets that the Olakai family keeps are never revealed to the world. He is a smaller, lithe fellow with a thin mustache and a mean look upon his face. Velon always sports a longcoat and a tophat even during warmer months. Accompanied by an entourage against his will, Volker keeps him in check by having eyes and ears everywhere. The only thing Volker trusts less than his servants is Velon. Whenever someone grows suspicious of the Olakai's, Velon silences them. Mean and remorseless, he kills anyone who has learned too much or who creates an obsticle for the family. Velon always feels like he is competing with Torrish and Chessia because they are Volker's children both mortal and vampire. He resents this family dynamic and has a slight paranoia which causes him to react as if slighted when none was intended. Velon brings the expertise of weapons trade to House Olakai. These weapons are usually close range fighting weapon and of one-handed Uraqi fassion like daggers, swords and scimitars.    

Serra Olakai

  Serra Olakai, a close friend of Volker in life and most likely a romantic flame, she is one of the youngest vampire sired by Volker. A fashionable woman, she is often seen in bright, lavish gowns. In the street she is accompanied by a handful of large and foreboding men, all armed with gentleman's rapiers. She herself caries a lacy parasol almost everywhere. Her hair, blonde and voluminous hair is always topped with a large hat sporting lace and the latest hunting season's game bird. Serra, who worked for a large counting house in the City of Tarsis, is a financial genius. She assures that profits are maximized yet balanced to maintain an illusion of moderate success. Being a bit of a social flirt she handles any needed bribes or social scheduling for the family. Serra is a smaller, hardly five feet in height. She has auburn-brown hair and a mature face. A snappy dresser, keeping tabs on the newest fashions and trends. Serra assures that the Olakai family is always in good social standing by frequently attending parties and meetings to create business and trade deals with the approval of Volker.    

Tolar Olakai

  Tolar Olakai has been a part of the family for almost as long as Torish has been alive. To the public eye, Tolar is the brother of Volker. He himself is a prominent merchant that has an incredibly profitable trade in spirits. Despite being as old if not older than Torish, he shows no real sign of age beyond forty. His skin, unusually pale, is offset by his silvery black beard and short hair. Tolar has a network of connections with the black market and obviously has a criminal background in his past. Tolar enjoys handling smuggling when necessary and strikes up deals while shifting merchandise to underground auctions for the sale of shady procurements. While Volker himself is against the buying and selling of people, Tolar has taken great joy in finding new mortals to entertain him. Only Volkers firm grip and advanced age keeps Tolar reigned in. Tolar believes he could run a deadlier and far more effective family.
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Living Between the Cracks

  While the Olakai family are not the Blood of Vecna, they still practice the Masquerade and have done well for themselves. Playing upon the façade of being a family of Uraqi "Night Merchants" has kept suspicions at bay. Volker Olakai has taught his "progeny" to masterfully keep their true nature a secret from the outside world. Despite everything, Volker has no illusions that he and his family are monsters, but prides himself on being a more humane beast.

  Whilst the Olakai family strives to maintain their merchant business and sufficient income, they must maintain a steady balance as to not draw attention to themselves. Volker and the other members of the family often argue in that regard, with the younger members knowing they could gain greater business, wealth and possible minor noble status with but more effort. Volker will not have it knowing they would fall under greater scrutiny. That is not a risk he is willing to take.  


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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