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Moons Breath

While I am very pleased with many of my Summer Camp articles this one should be considered a Work in Progress. It will most likely be edited after the submit date and should not be considered for judging or prizes. Thank you.

WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction


of Music & Moon


Moon's Breath

Moon’s breath is a mandolin touched by the breath of Ardaen, a fallen elven god of moonlight and music. The body of the instrument is one solid piece of wood sung and shaped by a master Elven tree-singer. It is adorned and trimmed with moon-silver, including ancient Elven music notes that shimmer and flow during a performance. Finished with dweamors for an age long forgotten, Moon’s Breath is one of the finest musical instruments to grace the land.
Moons Breath Treesung Mandoline by Graylion on MidJourney
    While Holister weaves a tale of gallant adventures or Kendoss sings a tale of far-away lands, in his hands Moon’s Breath sets the atmosphere, ambiance and transports the audience within the tale just a breath away from really being there. Such a performance always has a bit of moonlight and a sense of the divine in the background. Audiences have exclaimed, feeling the wind and water of a sea voyage on their face, the taste of wine lingering from a masked gala with memories and sense long after the performance.
  Kendoss never speaks of how he came to have Moon’s Breath. One story told has Kendoss saving an elven princess, and as his reward was the twice over rare instrumentalongside her hand in marriage. As the story goes, he declines the offer and leaves to travel the world. Kendoss shrugs, “that’s a great story, can I use that?”
Moons & Moonlight Background by Graylion on MidJourneyAI.png

Touched by Moons

Current Location
Current Holder
Sung Wood Red Cherry

Cover image: Moons Breath Treesung Mandoline by Graylion on MidJourney


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