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Example Connections Annara Gadreel


  Before being turned on Athas Annara was a hunter ranging from the city into the deep desert. This allowed her to take naturally to the Hunters Guild of the Farm Ward, even while the forests and trees still give her challenge. Embraced into Clan Gangrel it has been a perfect fit as she balances finesse and fury to tame her beast, although she is still the youngest Gangrel within Ptolus she aims to prove herself. Annara never regrated being turned Kindred but never stopped trying to perfect her Kindred self, which lead her to the Order of the Dragon.  


Sire & Touchstone   She was turned by Cader who was impressed with her blend of cunning, finesse and fury to handle herself in tough situations. The relationship never clicked into place as he had hoped, both sire and progeny did their duties, but nothing more. Annara has become fascinated with Scarlette a red haired bar maid at the Weeping Wolf Tavern, who reminds her of a lover she had in her mortal life.
  Annara has started a false romantic relationship with Kristoff a newly sealed novice in The Keeper of the Veil organization. She is both perfecting her Mystery of the Ascendant and hoping to learn more about their practices. She has been taken under the wing of Galphi a fellow Gangrel and Order of the Dragon member, not because they share the same interests, but because he sees potential in her. She looks at Galphis as a friend or maybe a replacement for her sire that she never really connected with.      

Kindred Connections

Sire & Touchstone
  • Contact: Cader
  • Tag: Sire
  • Contact: Scarlette, Weeping Wolf Bar Maid
  • Tag: Touchstone @ Humanity 6

    Origin Path

    ... Desert Hunter of the Tyr region of Athas
  • Group: Hunter & Trapper Guild of Farm Ward
  • Tag: Information
  • Contact: Kristoff, Squire of the Veil
  • Tag: Information

    Role Path

    ... Gangrel Hunter
  • Group: Gangrel of Ptolus
  • Tag: Family
  • Contact: To Be Determined
  • Tag: NA

    Society Path

    ... Order of the Dragon
  • Group: Order of the Dragon of Ptolus
  • Tag: Research
  • Contact: Galphis
  • Tag: Mentor




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