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While I am very pleased with many of my Summer Camp articles this one only meets the basics for submitting and will need more time in the forge. It is really just a work in progress and not worthy of judging or prizes. Thank you.

WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction

  ... the iron sewer grate was hoisted up with ease and slung out striking the wall Ladris' Fine Food shearing a support column through and sticking in the wall with a crash and thud. What remained was an overly large black-green arm with undulating black fibers protruding from its length. Next a thing that did not belong and should not be, uncompressed itself and crawled out from the Sewers under the night sky of Ptolus City. The creature has an elongated body maybe ten feet in length with segmented black-greenish scales. From its midsection sprouted eight long spider-like legs with the same black-green scales and black fiber s. It rotated a lizard-like head with multi faceted eyes as if searching for something.  


Out of the Depths

  How did a lizard and a spider get morphed together? What crazy mages experiment went wrong? Or was it Chaos-Tech? None of that mattered now it was drawn to something here or nearby, something dark and tainted.


  The Dragon-Spider is at least 10 feet long and heavier than a war horse. Instead of pointed spider tips it has jointed pincers at the end of its legs. Its black-greenish scale provides thick armor against assault. The can tear a man in half if it gets it a couple of its pincers on him. At the other end it has a long snaking lizard tail with a poisonous spike on the end.


  The Dragon-Spider hunts with guile and cunning pursuing its prey and waiting for the best possible moment to strike.


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1 Aug, 2022 11:41

Ommagod! ya bloody did it <3

1 Aug, 2022 11:48

Yup I had some great inspiration from you and the Summer Camp peeps. Thank you!

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