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The Hiram Beckett Company

Best Products, Lowest Prices, Happiest People

  The Hiram Beckett Company is a retail corporation operating a series of the first true supercenters across the U.S.A but has since split many of their offerings to other businesses under the HBC umbrella. It is currently the world’s largest company by revenue as well as the world’s largest private employer, holding this position for over a century.
  At the moment, HBC is focused on bettering the city of Beckettville and providing everything their citizens could ever need.

Clean Corporate Culture

    The people of Beckettville are the heart of The Hiram Beckett Company. Constantly looking to improve and progress, HBC has spent centuries and countless credits in research developing the perfect products for the perfect citizens. As the top-ranking job creator offering unique and interesting positions in every field, all working-age citizens are given a full-time job with one of the HBC subsidiary companies.
Did You Know?
The Hiram Beckett Company tried to save America before the extinction event. Through their Momentous Becketts venture, HBC sponsored a number of national monuments and points of interest to aid the U.S. debt crisis, including the Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, the extinction event occurred before they were able to reach all fifty states.

A Family Of Businesses

As the largest company on Dead Earth, The Hiram Beckett Company owns many subsidiary companies. Some have been absorbed due to company purchases, while others were born from the needs of the people of Beckettville. HBC is proud to provide a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, grocery, household appliances, clothing, vehicles, and more.
Featured Businesses

Good Morning Beckettville

Hosted by two high-energy recently revived humans, Adam and Janet, the citizens of Beckettville are legally required to love their witty banter and lighthearted stories. Impossibly perfect in every way, Adam and Janet deliver mandatory daily updates twice a day through all screens and speakers across Beckettville.


The leader in grocery and household items, BecCo is your only provider of general goods. Selling products grown and created within Beckettville, BecCo is the largest supporters of local farmers and crafters. Everything a citizen could need is always available for a price.
The Hiram Beckett Company co-owns a number of small businesses around Beckettville. Hiram Beckett loves businesspeople of all shapes and sizes and welcomes small business when it fills niche holes in the market. Due to this, HBC offers business licenses for those wishing to open a shop front and sell their own wares for a small split of profits. These include various craft stores, a smattering of food carts, and an herbalist or two, among many others.

Organization Structure

The Hiram Beckett Company has a very simple corporate structure. The President sits at the top overseeing all operations and making final decisions. Below the President is a group of four advisors called The Elders. Chosen for their loyalty, brilliance, and innovation, The Elders are an anonymous party of analysts and advisors directly reporting to the President. The Elders are supported by The Counsels, small boards of individuals making the day-to-day choices about HBC and Beckettville in general.


Seated at the topmost level of executive power is the President. They are in charge of all major operations within The Hiram Beckett Company, as well as leading the entire city of Beckettville. They are direct prophets to Dolōrem.
  The Presidency has been filled by a member of the Beckett family since the company was first founded. It is currently in the hands of Hiram Beckett, the latest in the line of Beckett heirs.

Hiram Beckett

At the age of 26, Hiram Beckett took the role of President after his father’s unexpected passing. Since taking the lead, Hiram has pushed for a friendly, corporate approach with HBC and established himself as the public face of the company.

The Elders

A group of four specially chosen advisors working closely alongside the president. This is a lifetime position, at the President's discretion.
  Each Elder handles a different aspect of administration covering public policy, community management, financial analysis, and religious supervision.
  The Elders are rarely seen outside of The Promenade, but never without their headpieces obscuring their face. The identities of the four Elders are considered top secret and are only known to the President.    

The Counsels

Each Elder has a small group of specialists dealing with their respective sector. These Counsels range from five to twelve members of specially trained psychologists, subject to individual review every ten years for replacement.
  These counsellors each lead teams to deploy procedures, programs, and practices to the necessary parties.  


Specially chosen citizens displaying the utmost loyalty to Beckettville are taken into HBC and undergo revision conditioning to become community leaders among particular districts.
  They’re not only a pair of eyes on location, but they also collect information from citizens on current difficulties HBC can solve through new goods and services.


Motto: Best Products, Lowest Prices, Happiest People
Founding Date:1822
Leader: Hiram Beckett
HQ: The Hiram Beckett Company, 1 Glory Road, Beckettville


The history of the Hiram Beckett Company is not maintained in this archive and is not part of the Information Program. Seeking out additional historical information about the Hiram Beckett Company will result in expulsion to the Unspoken Zone.
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