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Welcome to Beckettville!

Welcome to the beautiful city of Beckettville! Everything you need is provided at the lowest cost by the city's own Hiram Beckett Company, the top provider in goods on Earth for the last century. You can't buy anywhere else! Best products, lowest prices, happiest people!
— President Hiram Beckett
Our marvelous city of Beckettville boasts a robust local government and fantastic business and retail services for our citizens. Founded in what was once known as middle America, we now stand as the sole settlement within the vast wasteland that was Earth.
  Separated from The Unspoken Zone by dangerous, abandoned suburban neighborhoods, our citizens are provided all they need by The Hiram Beckett Company.


Founding Date: ██/██/████
President: Hiram Beckett
Owning Organization: The Hiram Beckett Company
Demonym: Beckettville Citizen

The true population numbers of Beckettville are around ██ and considered highly ███████. The citizens of Beckettville are ████ █████ █████████.
  This data is no longer maintained in this archive and is not part of the Information Program. If you have read this entry before ██/██/████ please contact a member of the Development Department.

Our Government and Politics

Our city is run by a tight-knit group of government employees dedicated to making our utopia shine its brightest. Due to our Information Project, much of the details surrounding our government are kept redacted for the protection of our citizens. We appreciate your compliance.

The Hiram Beckett Company

Beckettville is run through the oversight of our glorious Hiram Beckett Company. Our magnificent President, Hiram Beckett, has taken great care through the years to ensure our city has everything it could possibly need. Make sure you're making your weekly visits to your local BecCo Market to avoid a visit from The Counsels!
Through The Hiram Beckett Company subsidiaries such as BecCo and BITS, we are able to thrive among the devasted remains of Earth. Lauda Dolōrem in aeternum!

Our Loyal Law Enforcement

The streets of Beckettville are protected primarily by our Archons, a group of friendly, highly trained community helpers seeking out ways to better their local districts. If approached by an Archon, do not run. They simply need you to follow them to the nearest Development Department sub-office for questioning.


Our Agencies

Our city has a number of government centers hosting our wonderful agencies. Citizens are welcome to visit the gift shops located at each government center at any time; however, we recommend making an appointment if you would like to speak with a representative from a specific agency.

To find out more, please click below or visit us in person with an appointment.


Meet Your Counsellors

You won’t find healthier, fitter citizens anywhere on Earth! Counsellors are individuals trained in the specialized healthcare required for our citizens. Do not panic if a Counselor appears, they simply wish to help. Citizens are required to comply with their requests for a safe session.


We pride ourselves on the brilliant minds funneled through the Beckettville education system. The greatest scientists, creatives, and engineers in recent years have all come up the ranks of Beckettville GenEd, our program for the finest education on Earth.


We love BITS! Beckettville Informative Technological Solutions not only leads our city’s tech advancements, but they also protect our citizens from improper information and false data. As the leading providers of all-things tech, BITS supplies our citizens with phones, computers, internet, and more. Stop by your local BITS retailer for your electronic needs!


Beckettville's #1 News Station. Hosted by your favorite celebrities Adam Malone and Janet Cohen, you're legally required to love their witty banter and lighthearted stories. Impossibly perfect in every way, Adam and Janet deliver mandatory daily updates twice a day through all screens and speakers across our city.


BecCo Groceries
Dining Halls
The leader in grocery and household items, BecCo is your only provider of general goods. Selling products grown and created within Beckettville, BecCo is the largest supporter of local farmers and crafters. Everything a citizen could need is always available for a price.
To find your nearest BecCo grocery or dining hall, please refer to our city map. We look forward to seeing you!
Little Alfredo’s Pizza Parlor and Puppet Party
Come meet Little Alfredo, Mama, and their family band! Enjoy Mama’s homemade pizza and leave your children with the band for some worry-free fun! You’ll never be bored during our educational entertainment shows!
Don’t miss out on our Kiddie Konfessionals! Join Little Alfredo’s Club for a free meal every Konfessional!

A Storied History

The full history of Beckettville is no longer maintained in this archive and is not part of the Information Project.

Glorious Beckettville Moments

For your entertainment, we have provided a few exciting events from Beckettville’s history below! If you wish to learn more, please visit our Loyalty Pavilion, open weekdays from 9am-2pm.

Our Blessed Beckett Family

by Internet Archive Book Images
  Our founding family discovered this lovely land due to local rumors of healing mineral springs. By the graces of Dolōrem, our land was bursting with small pools of cold, therapeutic water. The Becketts discovered the restorative properties these springs could hold and quickly established Beckettville on the spot! As the population and demand grew, so did our community. By the 1900's, our town had become a well-established, miniature city with a promising future in the new millennium. With the birth of Orion, the company that would become our beloved Hiram Beckett Company, the Becketts would soon extend their grasp on the market world-wide.


Exhibition for a More Unified Tomorrow

by Théâtre National de Chaillot
As a child, James Beckett attended the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. He was so inspired by the intercontinental inventions that he began pushing his father Edwin to progress their company into future technology. When James took over and turned the company into Orion Enterprises, he finally had the chance to push forward his own fair. Although not an officially sanctioned World Expo, the “Exhibition for a More Unified Tomorrow” was held during the spring of 1937 in our great city.   Hosted in our beautiful Loyalty Pavilion, the entire exhibition was dedicated to the current and upcoming technologies from Orion Enterprises, as well as the far-reaching ideas coming from the company’s brightest minds. Known for their unprecedented research into large-scale workforce management, they had also been the pioneers of a growing interest in biological data collection.

Our Prophet Became Our Savior

  One of the darkest and brightest days in our history, The Extinction Event resulted in the loss of over 99% of the human population. Despite the turmoil, Beckettville stood strong as the sole surviving city during the decimation. Our neighbors were taken by the mist and ooze, but our great Dolōrem protected our citizens and our prophet provided a path to a pure utopia.
We have nothing to fear. Our benevolent Dolōrem will clear the way for those accepting of his mark. Come and receive your blessing from the Sacred Stamp of Supplication and be saved.
— Hiram Beckett


Celebrating Our First Festival

It’s no secret that our prophet is an ingenious man. Six months after the Extinction Event, Hiram Beckett decided we needed to celebrate the great advancements our civilization had made in such a short amount of time. We are an incredible city and we deserved a phenomenal party to sing the praises of our prophet and our deity!
  After gathering at Beckett Park for food and drink (graciously donated by The Hiram Beckett Company) our citizens became the entertainment for the rest of the community! All manner of music, dance, and games were played by different groups of incredibly talented individuals, eventually culminating in a massive parade up Main Street and over onto Maurice Boulevard until the group began to break up around Beckett Suites. As this was the end of the refugee’s grace period, many community members helped any remaining refugees move their things from the hotel and into their apartments before the end of the night, causing a rapid dispersion of our citizens back to their homes satiated.
All images obtained from Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, or created by Emily Armstrong. All photo manipulations and graphic design by Emily Armstrong.


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