The Elders

I swear I saw one of the Cloaks down by The Wedge last week! I couldn't make out their whole face, but they looked me right in the eyes. I haven't been able to shake this chill since.
— Overheard from Beckettville Citizen

Seated just below the President, our four Elders are specially chosen to advise on public policy, community management, financial analysis, and religious supervision. Only President Hiram Beckett and The Counsels may access and communicate with our Elders. Any unauthorized contact with an Elder is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion to The Unspoken Zone.

The Role of a Lifetime

Elders dedicate their lives to ensure we are safe, happy, and healthy. We honor them twice a year during The Festival with gifts and contributions to the Elder Fund.

Becoming An Elder

So, you want to be an Elder? Prepare to face a long, difficult road requiring the utmost loyalty to Beckettville. Not just anyone can become an Elder! You must first begin by showcasing your allegiance and becoming an Archon for your local community. After spending a few years as an Archon and receiving your fifth commendation you may seek out a seat on a Counsel for your favorite Elder! Be prepared: many prospective Elders spend their lives as distinguished Counsel members and are never able to ascend to a higher position due to a young Elder. Don't get discouraged, though! When an Elder passes, a new Elder is chosen from their Counsels based on merit and recommendations, so be on your best behavior!

Out of Public View
The Elders are very rarely seen strolling our lovely streets. They don't have time for pleasantries while they're working to ensure all our needs are met. You can catch our Elders twice a year at The Festival, so don't miss it!

Holy Headpieces

The Elders are known for their large, metallic helmets each inset with a diamond-shaped, orange crystal. These crystals are simply for decoration and any further information is not part of the Information Program. Decorative crystals can be bought at The Hiram Beckett Company gift shops right outside the Promenade and the Wedge, don't miss out!  

Addressing the Rumors

Due to the protection of certain information pertaining to the Elders, there have been a number of rumors circling within Beckettville. The Hiram Beckett Company only sees it fit to set these rumors straight as they appear. We appreciate your cooperation in reporting any citizen spreading these false accusations.  

The Elders Are Not Recently Revived

Our Elders are fully functional and capable of performing their duties.
All skin is covered to avoid any identification of individuals, not to avoid showing the decomposing flesh of the Recently Revived.

The Elders Are Not False Icons

The public has seen appearances by the Elders for decades and new Elders are announced six months after appointment. The Elders are kept within the Promenade for their own safety and ease of travel to and from business.
The idea that the Elders are different people every time the public sees them is absolutely ridiculous. Ignore any discrepancies.
AKA: Cloaks, Mystery Men
Work Center: The Promenade
  The names of all Elders are highly classified. They are not maintained in this archive and are not part of the Information Program.
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