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A Night at the Gala - A Beckettville Find Your Fate

“A Night at the Gala” is a single player FYF introducing you to the oddities taking place within Beckett Suites.


This is a system agnostic FYF.
Want to play as a group? Check out the one shot here.

It’s the night of the grand Festival Gala and something is ruining the party. Strange spills, audio system glitches, broken furniture, and devious smells threaten to drive away all the high society Beckettville citizens. As a Beckett Suites employee, it is your duty to make sure everything is up to President Hiram Beckett's expectations. Will the party be saved or will you face expulsion to the Unspoken Zone?


Good evening, our most beloved citizens of Beckettville.
  Welcome to this season's Festival Gala! Tonight we have a delectable dinner and desert provided by Brandy's Bar and phenomenal jazz music by our very own Marty Davis Quintet! Don't forget to stick around for the lottery at the end of the night! Special inspections begin tomorrow so be on your best behavior. Most of all, enjoy all that our glorious city provides!
— President Hiram Beckett

Welcome to Beckettville!

We are the greatest city on Earth! Led by The Hiram Beckett Company and our fearless President Hiram Beckett, our citizens are the peak of perfection.

A City Saved

During The Extinction Event, over 99% of the human population was destroyed by the mysterious mist and ooze. Locals were able to flee to Beckettville for safety but only the true believers were saved by the great deity Dolōrem and their prophet Hiram Beckett. For the last two centuries, President Beckett has kept Beckettville safe and secure from threat.

The Hiram Beckett Company

The Hiram Beckett Company is currently the world’s largest company by revenue as well as the world’s largest private employer, holding this position for over two centuries. Led by the illustrious Hiram Beckett, our citizens are provided all they need by his great company through subsidiaries like BecCo and BITS!

Beckett Suites

Beckett Suites has been a highlight of the Beckettville skyline since the 1920's. Currently the tallest tower in the city, Beckett Suites stands at 47 stories with 43 operating and available for public use. Built and decorated in art deco style, the hotel hosts high society and lavish events, including the Festival Gala held twice a year.


A Night at the Gala.jpg

The Grand Ballroom

Beckett Suites. The height of class in Beckettville. Many pray to the almighty Dolōrem for the opportunity to step foot in this beautiful establishment. You are one of the honored individuals given the chance to work here. Unfortunately, you have noticed oddities throughout your day. Dirty, broken dishes in the sink. Doors left ajar. Lights blinking out. You assume it's the additional stress of the Festival Gala tonight. You have given up your day at the Festival to volunteer at the biggest event of the year.   Gathering in the Grand Ballroom for a debriefing with your peers, you get to look upon the grandeur in the moments before the excitement. Dark hardwood floors, inlaid with intricate mosaic designs, sit against ornate plaster and limestone arches that support the wrap-around mezzanine. The true spectacle of the Grand Ballroom crowns the space: an elegant, Baroque-inspired mosaic depicting the symbol of Dolōrem stretching across half the ceiling.
  You stand in awe of the space, chattering amongst yourselves for a few minutes before the lights flicker out. The sounds of running boots, shouts, and furniture being tossed crash around you. As the Grand Manager turns the lights back on, you see the once immaculate room is now in disarray. Tables have been flipped, chairs are strewn across the dance floor, and a few employees have been knocked to the ground.
What do you do first?
Start Cleaning
Weird things happen all the time in Beckett Suites, today is really no different. You have a job to do and you get to it. Joining your peers, you start the cleanup and reset process to prepare for tonight.
Once the cleanup is done, you can either continue with your day as usual or help your fallen peers.
Help Fallen Peers
You walk over and help the three employees who have been pushed over. They're shaken but overall okay.
They give you a few insights as you help them stand.
Mind Your Business
This is not in your job description. You just want to continue with your day as a Beckett Suites employee.

Speak With Peers

Roll for Friendliness
You may speak with anyone with an equal or lower number.
Once finished, continue towards the foyer.
Maintenance (8)
"This is all 'cause of the damned spirits roaming these halls. You can't have a hotel this old without a couple of angry ghosts. I didn't see much, but I thought I saw something dark run towards the foyer."
Custodian (10)
"This is all just some ridiculous joke by a disgruntled ex-employee. I know some newbie from the kitchen got fired earlier, bet they're the ones behind it. Apparently they left a disgusting mess in their room I have to clean, what a jerk."
Server (12)
"You know this is a test from Dolōrem, right? If we can still throw the perfect Festival Gala, we are worthy of their blessings. If not, we will be struck down for our failures. Perhaps praying at the clock may offer you safety in these troubling times."

The Foyer

Entering the hallway
As you enter the hallway the sounds of the standard hotel hustle and bustle surround you. It almost seems like a normal day at Beckett Suites. Perhaps somebody in the bar heard something? Or maybe you should just check the main lobby?
The Main Lobby
The main lobby is a beautiful open space filled with busy people going about their day. Don't you think you should join them and just go about your duties? No? Fine.
  Standing at the center of the lobby is an ornate clock sitting atop an obsidian pedestal. A few feet away the floor dips into a small lounge decorated with luxurious sofas and chairs with a single man sitting reading a paper. On the opposite side of the room is the front desk, currently staffed by an older man in a sharp Beckett Suites uniform helping out a line of guests.
  Where would you like to go first?
I should get back to work.
Beckett Suites Suggested Choice
It's best to get back to your to-do list, there's so much to be done before the gala.
The Beckett Clock
As you approach the clock you admire the intricately carved latin stretching around the face. The obsidian base of the clock has been slightly worn from decades of citizens rubbing their thumb on the clock while praying for Dolōrem's protection, but now there is a keycard smeared in strange black goo sitting against the worn base.
Do you want to return the keycard to the front desk or bring it up to the room?
Would you prefer to pocket it for now and check out the lounge first?
The Front Desk
The beautiful mahogany and gold front desk is run a clean-cut attendant in a blue pantsuit. Papers are neatly stacked to the side against a board of keycards.
"Hello, I hope you're having a lovely work day at Beckett Suites. Oh, I see you've found a lost keycard. Thank you for your diligence, friend! You may now return to your designated duties, I'll take care of this card." He quickly grabs the stained keycard before you're able to respond. Do you let go and get back to work or do you resist?
The Concierge
By the side wall is a small mahogany desk staffed by a middle aged woman with a hauntingly cheerful grin, currently printing gala tickets for guests. After waiting your turn, you ask the concierge if they have a keycard for the garage below ground. They give you a knowing smirk before reaching below the desk.
"Be careful, I hear the second time hurts more than the first." The concierge hands you a surprisingly dirty keycard before waving you on your way. This could be your last chance to stop playing games and forget this ridiculous investigation you think you're on. You're our employee at Beckett Suites, not some adventuring sleuth. Remember what your citizen ID means to you. What Beckettville means to you. If you're still convinced there is some crazy conspiracy going on in our beautiful hotel, continue to the elevator and descend three floors down to the garage.
The Lounge
As you step into the lounge, you can see cigar smoke swirling from the lone man reading the paper. Quiet jazz music drifts from the personal player on his sidetable. Do you disturb the man or leave him be and return to the center of the lobby to continue investigating?
Disturbing Fred
As you approach the man, he startles and drops his paper. He looks up at you with furrowed brows for a moment before his expression melts into happy surprise.
"Oh, hello there friend! Didn't hear you approach, the jazz is just sublime today, don't you agree? Certainly helped ease the nerves after seein' that little you-know-what scampering about." Fred has been a regular for quite a while, so watching him reach into his jacket and pull out a small pistol wasn't too alarming. "I know you all beefed up security around here today, but one can't be too careful. Here, I got an extra on the hip," Fred pushes the pistol into your hands. Do you thank him for his kindness and return to the lobby or do you report an honored guest to the front desk for having a recreational weapon?
If you have already visited the clock, perhaps you're ready to check out room 2313?

Brandy's Bar

Entering Brandy's Bar
The smell of spices, cooking meat, and whiskey fill the air as you enter Brandy's Bar. Wait staff are busy setting up tables and places for dinner and there's a loud ruckus from kitchen as food is being prepared. The wait staff seem too busy to be distracted. Do you head into the kitchen? Or maybe you've decided to return to your duties and forget about the oddities of the day?
The Kitchen
As you enter the kitchen you're nearly hit by a flying saucepan. Head Chef Gourmand Ramsley is berating a young chef prepping some sort of orange sauce.
"There's so much salt in that sauce it rivals Beckett Lake, are you trying to kill people!?" Gourmand turns his glare in your direction, stomping towards you. "Unless you're the replacement for that useless donut I fired this morning, get out of my kitchen!"
Do you talk back to the head chef or quickly make your way out to the main lobby?
This is nice, but it's time to get back to work.
Remember your contract.
You should stop getting distracted. There's so much to do before the gala begins.

Floor 23

Entering Floor 23
As you exit the elevator onto floor 23, it seems completely normal. A strange silence hangs in the air for a moment before it's broken by the sound of boots coming in your direction. Time to make a choice. Left, right, or wait for the marching to pass? Or maybe you should turn around, take the elevator back to the main lobby, and get back to work.
You shouldn't be here.
To The Left
You quickly dart away, tucking yourself around the corner and making a break down the hallway. Do you run for room 23 or do you wait to see if the boots follow you?
You turn and sprint to the right, turning the corner into the chest of an armored Archon. Security asks for your citizen ID and begin to question you about your job. Do you stay and answer their questions or make a break for it?

Room 2313

Entering Room 23
Room 2313 would be a beautiful, luxurious living space were it not for the striking trail of black muck coating the floor before you. The faint smell of burning hair and rusting metal tickle your noses as you step inside. You can still turn around and forget all of this, or you can start looking around the room.
You have seen so much, but it's not too late.
This is your last chance.
You aren't sure what happened here and you don't need to know. You just want to continue with your day as a Beckett Suites employee.

Investigating Room 2313

Roll for Investigation
You may search any section with an equal or lower number.
If you roll below a 5, perhaps it's time to return to your job.
The Kitchen (5)
You step into the kitchen and see the black slime smeared across the counters. Frantically sprawled in ooze across the fridge are the words "to Dolōrem below I go" as well as the number -3 in a small circle. It seems to remind you of the buttons in the elevator. Isn't the third subfloor the garage? You'd need to grab a keycard from the concierge first, or maybe it's not too late to leave?
The Entry Room (8)
As you walk through the entry space, you notice sitting on the sidetable is a stained Beckett Suites notepad with a hastily written message. The stain is black, almost like ink, but it appears to me shifting.
The Bathroom (10)
The smell seems to be coming from the bathroom. The door barely hangs on its hinges as you push it to the side, your gaze falling on the bathtub. Nestled inside is a pulsating pile of ooze. It doesn't seem aggressive. Do you reach in or leave it alone?
The Bedroom (15)
Following the trail of ooze you come upon the back bedroom. It appears that the slime leads underneath the dirtied, damp covers of the bed. Do you lift the covers or back out of the room slowly?

The Garage

Descending into the Garage
As the elevator descends below ground the familiar smell from Room 2313 fills the cage. The doors snap open as they have before, but now you almost expected something horrific standing in your way. Thankfully, you’re simply greeted with an empty parking garage dimly lit by the overhead fluorescents. Do you step forward or close the door and head up to the lobby?
Into The Unknown
Lurching from your left is what your mind can only fathom to be a human covered in tar. As it reaches for you, a third and fourth arm spring forward. Black ichor drips from the being, new faces and limbs gurgling from the newly formed puddles. Do you run back to the safety of the lobby or take your chances fighting this thing?
Get Me Out Of Here!
...now you want Beckett help?
Insubordination detected. Archons are being sent to your location. This was never in your job description. While we are certain you just want to continue with your day as a Beckett Suites employee, this option is no longer available. You have directly disobeyed orders and put yourself where you do not belong. Please follow.

Time To Fight

Roll for Surprise
As a human, you have a measly 12 hit points. Try to stay alive.
15 and up
Although the creature before you threatens to twist your reality, your instincts kick in and you react before it grabs you. You get the first attack.
If you picked up a dagger: 1d4
If you picked up a pistol: 1d10
The creature takes a step forward in your direction. Do you stand and fight or try to run?
14 and under
The sight of such a twisted creature stuns you for a moment until you feel the burning cold of its grip around your forearm. It deals 1d10 damage.
Do you stand and fight or try to run?
The Creature Reacts
A bubbling limb snaps out from the torso of the creature and curls around your arm. It feels as if you’ve dipped your arm in a bucket of ice as the goo slowly spreads across your skin. The burning begins to intensify as you take 1d10+3 damage.
Did you survive or was your human shell too weak?
You can take a hit
Although the pain is distracting, you manage to pull yourself together and attack.
If you picked up a dagger: 1d4
If you picked up a pistol: 1d10
The creature growls and seems to boil and steam. Black mist begins to fill the space. Do you continue to fight or try to break free?
Don’t Fight It
The limb tightens around your arm and begins to pull you in as a second and third tentacle-like limb springs forward to grasp at you. You take 1d20+6 damage.
Did you survive or was your human shell too weak?
A Rescue
Just when you think the creature might finally envelope you with its slime, you hear the elevator door ding. Six full-armed archons come rushing out and open fire on the creature. Their rifles are quick to shred the ooze but you’re now covered in its remains. Do you beg security for assistance, try to fight them, or make a run for it?

The Endings

A Perfect Employee
You know better than to stick your nose where it doesn't belong. You continue with your duties for the day, ignoring the odd happenings around you. By the time the gala begins you've already forgotten about the strange activities of the afternoon and things have returned to normal. You go about your days working at Beckett Suites blissfully aware of what lurks below.
  Game Over. Lauda Dolōrem in aeternum.
Revision Conditioning
You have been arrested by Beckett Suites security. The Archons take you deep below the hotel for revision conditioning.
Do you wish to be reassimilated?
Or are you going to continue this rebellion?
A New Employee
The Hiram Beckett Company is so proud of your choice. As such a loyal employee of Beckett Suites, your revision conditioning has gone according to plan. You awaken the next morning peacefully tucked into your room. The previous day is a blur, you remember preparing for the gala but not the event itself. Perhaps you became sick and a peer brought you back to your room? And what were those odd dreams?
  It's no matter now. You're a Beckett Suites employee and you have a job to do.
Game Over. Lauda Dolōrem in aeternum.
A Failed Experiment
Good news! You no longer have to deal with Hiram Beckett, his company, or the compliant citizens of Beckettville.
  Bad news! The revision conditioning did not take. Your citizen ID number has been revoked and you are no longer welcome into the city. You have been taken to the outskirts of The Neighborhoods and expelled into The Unspoken Zone.
It is only a matter of time before you assimilate with the ooze.
  Get well soon!
Game Over. Lauda Dolōrem in aeternum.
A Sticky Situation
Death 1: You’re surprised by how quickly the creature pulls you in. The ooze begins to surround your lower body, inching slowly up your stomach. You do all you can to push it away but it simply sticks to your hands and clothing. Before you can run you find yourself completely engulfed in the slime. As you take your last breath the surprisingly sweet slime slides down your throat. A feeling of euphoria consumes your brain and your vision becomes overlaid with a dark film.
Thank you for assimilating. Dolōrem appreciates your sacrifice.
Game Over. Lauda Dolōrem in aeternum.
All images obtained from Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, NightCafe, or WikiMedia Commons, or created by Emily Armstrong.
All photo manipulations and graphic design by Emily Armstrong.


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