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Riddic-sûr-Danith Or

The final battle against Baugoth at the end of the first age.   The Strangers rode out from Níenost with Fingorathar and three valiant companies of Elves to Danith Or, to intercept Baugoth and his host of Duranáukar as they returned from their fight with Ungloloth in the Vélyarond Mountains. The hope was to use the Rod of Law to defeat Baugoth for good while he and his servants were weakened from their recent battle. Or, failing that, to further weaken them—or at least delay them—before they added their might to the ongoing siege of Níenost.   As the tide of the conflict turned against Baugoth, in a fit of rage and spite, as a desperate effort to stop his foes, Baugoth twisted the very fabric of reality, changing how the world worked as the heroes knew it. But at the last, he was defeated.   Fingorathar and the Strangers used the Rod of Law to banish Baugoth through the Gates of Night and beyond the Walls of Aaroth. The final blow was so powerful that it sundered the Rod into Seven Parts and scattered them across the world. Those who witnessed the epic clash saw the Strangers and Fingorathar disintegrated where they stood, and so it was recorded in the annals of history.   The blast was such that it scarred the land around it, and It would surely have destroyed our heroes but for the pieces of the Mantle of Time provided to them by Aldarathel. In reality, unknown to all at the time, they survived the blast but were hurled yet again through the vastness of Time and Space to fates unknown.


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