The Chronicles of Arn

An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting

There is a great disturbance in the forest.
— The Greenwarden of Caerath N'Goria
These aren't the druids we're looking for.
— Pip Garthyk, The Strangers
  Arn is a world of opposites.   It is the one, true world, a disk created at the very center of the Prime Material Plane. One side, Cullereon, was sundered by a devastating catastrophe in a bygone age that tore magic from that side while the other, Cámyliarde, continued to bask in it. Magic has been slowly resurfacing on Cullereon and, with it, the ever-growing thirst for power.   Simultaneously protected and threatened by twin gods — the divine embodiments of Law and Good and of Chaos and Evil who were themselves once whole — Arn's inhabitants struggle against the forces without and the strife within. Kingdoms, religions, and magic vie for prominence, acceptance, and dominance.   Herein are the Chronicles of Arn.

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The Strangers

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Three strangers from another world are the only hope for this one.

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The Company of the Iron Crown

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

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