The Keeper Weapons

A year would come, the year of stories, where men on all the settled realms would tell a tale; a tale so powerful and moving that it lit their people's souls ablaze. When this first great tale was told and the white went into those who heard it, the great spasm of magic that was unleashed awakened the Titans, who had slumbered within the very cores of the shard worlds. From each populated asteroid, a mighty weapon rose out of the ground, and with it embedded in their heads, four-legged titans grew, made out of their distilled elements: Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Wind.   The titans arose and mankind held its breath before their awesome might. As the seconds ticked away eons of dark anticipation, one man or woman would step forth and stand in front of each titan; one per world. They would reach out, and the titans would lower their heads and touch their hands.
  These are the five Keeper Weapons: Aalandra, the Water, Saramaganta, the Fire, Ankerias, the Lightning, Kaplumbağa, the Earth, and Orzelgryf, the Wind. Seven iterations of the world ago on the planet then called "Terra", there was a great sorcerer simply known by the moniker "the Smith", who created so many of the eternal arms and armor that have endured past the breaking and remaking of new worlds since. Tricked by his own apprentice, who bore the soul of the Lord of Water, he smelted a fraction of the Ur-Soul of Water into a concentrated ingot, from which he forged the first Keeper Blade.   He dubbed it Aalandra and presented it to his apprentice, who betrayed him and ushered in a dark age in the world of Terra, bending his amplified connection to his element as well as the many powerful pieces of armor he had forged under the tutelage of his former master towards evil purposes.   Betrayed and defeated but not dead, the Smith reached out to the League of Sorcerers and with their help found the other Keeper Souls, who agreed to stand against the Lord of Water.   For each of them, the Smith forged a blade, each made from a mighty ingot smelted out of the souls of their elements. And so the Keeper Weapons were created and the connection between Keeper and Element would forever become amplified yet narrower than it had been before, suffering great diminishing when the weapon was too far away or sealed behind magic locks.   These weapons are enchanted with powerful magic, and if anyone other than their rightful owner touches them without express permission, they will count themselves lucky if their hand is the only thing they lose on that day...
Tale #5: Keepers, Blades, and Elements
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

Each Keeper wields their Keeper weapon, which grants them dominion over their magical element. This is a story about Din, the young Keeper of Fire, unsure of whether she is ready for the responsibility. ~ 1276 Words


Aalandra, the Water

The first Keeper Weapon ever created. Throughout the worlds and their ages, it has taken on many shapes as the personality of the Keeper wielding it, even though their soul remains the same, can influence Aalandra's form.   Most Keepers wield swords of one ilk or another, and Aalandra in particular tends to take such shapes, but some have seen it manifest as battle chains of various designs, as tridents, spears, and even whips. It's form, color and decoration often vary depending on the wielders preferences of relying more heavily on ice or water in their style of combat.   The weapon's current form is that of an exceptionally long Yamato sword, a single-edged, slightly curved blade with a broad back. It has a ice-blue cord tied around its elegant grip and a metal guard with a three-comma design. Its current wielder is Atlas Muundir.

Saramaganta, the Fire

Like Aalandra, this Keeper Weapon tends to appear in blade form more often than not, though it has often been seen in the shape of heavier weapons like axes and polearms.   One of Saramaganta's most famous appearances on the current world of Aqualon was in the form of Lord Pavlov Muhan's Volcanic Hammer, which would light up like the cracking stone atop an active volcano's caldera when his grand magic began to flare up.   The weapon's current wielder, Din of High Saxia, seems slight in stature for its considerable heft, for it has the shape of a mighty flamberge sword. Yet, the Lady of Fire, despite her young age, is well-trained in the art of fencing and can bring more force to bear than one might expect of her. With hilt bound in supple, black leather, this devastating weapon can smash through armor with brute force, or melt it away with the savage heat of a thousand forge fires if need be...

Ankerias, the Lightning

Now in the shape of a silver trident with blue sheen, this mighty weapon often takes the shape of smaller blades such as short swords or daggers and has been used as a thrown weapon many times, returning to its wielder unerringly using the less explored magnetic force of lightning magic to its advantage.   It is also the only Keeper Weapon that has ever been known to sometimes appear in a twin form, such as dual daggers. The separating nature of electrical charges and therefore the Lightning Element has favored the act of also separating the weapon, which some Keepers have achieved.   Currently, the trident Ankerias lies sealed away in the armory of the Tower of Five, kept in a magically reinforced box with five chains around it on orders of Sameth Gildorn, Lord of Earth, awaiting the rebirth of the Lord or Lady of Lightning who are to reclaim it once old enough to wield it.

Kaplumbağa, the Earth

This mighty Keeper Weapon has raised mountains out of the ground and swallowed nations into sinkholes throughout the worlds and their ages.   It rarely appears in subtle forms such as swords or spears, but rather heavy hitting weapons such as hammers, maces, and flails that shake the ground. Some forms of polearms, heavy chains, battle axes, and even gauntlets have been seen in the hands of some Lords of Earth.   The current wielder of Kaplumbağa is Sameth Gildorn, who spent many years as an educator at the Gladering University, all while dutifully governing Arda and the Erdwald Domain. It has the form of a one-handed mace with a crystal mace head made of what looks like a single, jagged yet polished amethyst with golden imperfections that make it all the more beautiful.

Orzelgryf, the Wind

Might of wind, this weapon always comes in light forms and generally bladed, for winds of Orzelgryf can be quite cutting if enriched with enough magic energy...   Estocs and rapiers have been its chosen form among many Lords of Wind, but also curved blades such as sabers and swords of the Yamato variety, and from time to time a dagger or miniature lances resembling the modern terebra of Aerialis.   The current form of Orzelgryf, wielded by Kenji Sokolow, has the shape of a well-balanced estoc with winding, spiral-like designs worked into its guard and hilt, which is bound in white leather.

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