Red Fox Publishing

赤狐出版社 Akagitsune Shuppansha

Red Fox Publishing (赤狐出版社 akagitsune ) is the most powerful publishing house in the Yamato Kingdom, facilitating both modern movable type printing and classical woodblock printing.   They specialize in publishing postcards (葉書 hagaki), illustrated sightseeing guides (名所図絵 meishozue), renku (連句 "linked verses") and haikai no renga (俳諧の連歌, "comic linked verse"), which are both forms of collaborative poetic anthologies, historical dramas, and fantasy tales focused on Yamato folklore.  

Woodblock Printing and Movable Type

  While more expensive and cumbersome in the making, the stunning illustrations of woodblock prints, and especially colored woodblock prints, have been one of the reasons the medium has endured throughout the centuries. Additionally, the complex character writing system used in the Yamato Kingdom was not optimal for use with movable type, until Kobayashi Keigen worked together with Fulgurite printing experts in the 430s GE to create the first proper Yamato type font, Heichôtai (平朝体), which has remained in use to this day.   While woodblocks can be used for a large volume of print before becoming too warped, and especially hagaki and meishozue have enjoyed perpetual popularity for their joint art and curiosity value, the blocks can warp or crack when subject to high humidity, and each booklet requires one block per page, meaning much storage space is required in the long run.  

Popular RFP Published Short Stories

A Tale of Fire and Ice

Tale of fire and ice by ashwolfforever.jpg

2684 Words
Winning story of The Publishing Houses of Aqualon!

Popular RFP Published Poems

Lost Spirits
Shuffling through the fields of snow,
Two orbs of blue that gently glow,
Yet nothing else there to be seen,
Invisible, a taunting dream.

A chiming laugh, more like a snicker,
Atop the snow a hat of wicker,
Hides the streams of white.

But never closer will we step,
To us the snow, the white is death,
The purest, tainted blight.

— Yoshino Murasaki, 1682 GE

哀船长 (元素伯劳)

Hǎi'àn wànlǐ yītiáo tiě,
Hǎizhōng fǎnyìng shān hé yuè.
Gǔdào pángbiān fēi húdié,
Dào biān sǐshī liú xiānxiě.

Nánshān dōng miàn zī jiāng kāi,
shāndǐng chún xuěbái yòu bái,
àn biān chuánzhǎng wàng dàhǎi,
yuǎn chù gǎngkǒu hǎilǐ zài.

Húdié chìbǎng xiàng bànyè,
chuánzhǎng yǎnjīng wàngzhe yuè,
lán niǎo zuò zài shù shàng xiē,
chuánzhǎng dēng bèi dōngfēng miè.

Dúyào diào dào chuánzhǎng qián,
chuánzhǎng huāng huāng wàngzhe tiān.
Shēntǐ mábì tóunǎo diān,
zǐsè húdié zài hé biān.

Zhōngle dú hūnmí bù xǐng,
chuánzhǎng tǎng zài hé biān bìng,
húdié xiàlái cóng shānlǐng,
xiānxiě liú cóng tā de xīn.

Hǎi'àn wànlǐ yītiáo tiě,
hǎizhōng fǎnyìng shān hé yuè.
Gǔdào pángbiān fēi húdié,
dào biān fāng cǎo zhān mǎn xuè.

Lament for the Captain

The coast is a strip of iron for ten thousand li,
The sea reflects the mountains and the moon.
Butterflies fly next to the ancient road,
Next to the road is a bloody corpse.

Zijiang cuts the east face of the South Mountain,
The mountain's pure snow is whiter than white.
The captain on the shore looks at the sea,
The port is in the distance seen.

The butterfly's wings are like midnight,
The captain’s eyes gaze at the moon,
The bluebirds sit upon the trees,
The east wind extinguishes the captain's lamp.

The poison fell towards the captain,
The captain panicked eyes look at the sky.
The body is paralyzed, the mind in panic,
The purple butterfly is at the river.

Once poisoned, one is comatose*
The captain lies sick by the river,
The butterfly comes down from mountain,
Blood now gushes from his heart.

The coast is a strip of iron for ten thousand li,
The sea reflects the mountains and the moon.
Butterflies fly next to the ancient road,
The roadside grass is stained red with blood.

*昏迷不醒 literally means "drowsy sleep never wakes", is a four word idiom for being comatose

— Grand Historian Gao Zhengang (太史公高锤钢 Tàishǐ gōng gāo chuí gāng) / a.k.a ElementalShrike


Red Fox Publishing was founded by the Yôkogi Family, a branch family of the Yoshitsune Clan, and the company is still run by the descendants of that family. Marriages of convenience and smart political gambits in the Yamato Kingdom have turned Red Fox Publishing into a successful publishing empire with branch offices in all major Yamato cities. Furthermore, their strong ties to the Yoshitsune Clan has afforded them a successful branch office in Aquaris in the Middle Lands.

Public Agenda

The company is not as heavily invested in finding new talents as other publishing companies. Rather, RFP is more interested in what they call "preserving the beauty, art, and literary tradition of Yamato culture", focusing on old and established poets and authors and reprinting new editions of classical works and postcards. The best way for new talents to get into the RFP roster is to win writing prizes in one of the larger Yamato newspaper organizations.

Kotoba wa banbutsu.

Words are all things. / Words are ten-thousand things.

Founding Date
178 AA
Alternative Names
赤狐出版社 Akagitsune Shuppansha
Postal Address
赤狐出版社 Akagitsune Publishing Firm
天県明墨区 Akesumi Ward, Tengeken
32丁5番地 Number 5, 32nd street
山席 Yamaseki
The Yamato Kingdom
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Front Desk Hours
7 AM to 7 PM, Mûnyô-Sanyô (Kvar-Ode)
Closed on Sennichi (Mûning)   Popular RFP Postcards
Yanagi Pass (yanagi tôge 柳峠) postcard, small.jpg
— A postcard showing the Willow Pass (柳峠 yanagitôge)
— A postcard depicting a Yamato geisha (entertainer and concubine) playing the koto
The Fox in Yamato Culture
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That would prerequisite a feudal system with the power resting solely with the upper class. However, depending on the type of feudal system, there is generally a good chance of its power being slowly subverted by an emerging merchant class, as has happened in the Yamato Kingdom, where power is split three ways between the clans (including the ruling clan and emperor/empress), the wealthiest merchants and organizations, and the Black Market. Neither of these three wants to test the other with any extreme power plays, seeing how their balance is rather delicate.   I came to write this article as part of my writing contest, where the large publishers of Aqualon play a big role. Feel free to check it out and maybe participate for a chance at a 6 month Grand Master Tier World Anvil membership ^-^

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