Eivrune is the largest and most densely populated continent on Andrawyn and covers the entire central continental plate. The continent had an area of about 30 million square kilometers, on which a total of about 1.5 billion inhabitants live.

In trade with other parts of the world, the inhabitants of Eivrune are called Eivren. Compared to other continents, Eivrune is highly urbanized, especially in the cities and coastal areas. In the interior, life is more rural and the population density is correspondingly lower.

Native Species

Due to immigration, mixed marriages, and brisk trade, almost every intelligent species in the world can be found on Eivrune today. Until today, however, the east of Eivrune is dominated by Daoine, while the west is more Human. Especially in the center of the continent, there are some smaller areas dominated by Half-Daoine and Half-Elves.

The mountains of the continent and the surrounding hilly country often have cities, underground whole empires, of Dwarves, while the mountain peaks belong to the Harpies. Also in the hills, there are settlements of Gnomes and Halflings.

At the very south of the continent, you can find a small empire of the Yuan-Ti, who are largely out of the big politics and keep away from the other peoples. Centaurs and Minotaurs can be found in the central plains of the continent. Although they are not averse to trade, they are very suspicious of foreign species.

The Northern Forests have always belonged to the Elves and the Fairy Peoples, and this is still the case today. While other empires are dominated by a certain species, but usually have a colorful population, the cities in the forests are closed and often hidden by magical means.

Among the last native inhabitants of the continent are the predators among the sapient species: Vampires and Skinwalker. Both feel most comfortable among humans or other species, where they can easily get their prey. And they usually don't say that someone is about to become prey. However, vampires are increasingly acting as protectors of cities and settlements, which gives them a stream of willing victims.


Eivrune is a continent in its own right, bounded to the northwest by the Sapphire Sea, to the southwest by the Sea of Chaos, to the south by The Frozen Grave, to the west by the Silent Ocean and to the north by the Timeless Ocean.


The continent largely extends over the temperate and subtropical climate zones. Due to the mountains, temperatures are rather mild throughout the year but are subject to significant fluctuations from east to west. For example, Drachenruh in the east of the continent has an annual average of 15°C, but Nystessa, which is at the same altitude, has only 10°C. The reason for this difference is mainly due to the warm ocean currents on the east coast, while the west coast lies on the much colder "Silent Stream".

In general, the coastal areas of the continent are rainier and milder than the interior. The Dragon Tooth Mountains in the east, as well as the Blood Mountains in the west act as a barrier to rain, so that the interior of the continent is relatively dry and colder.

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