General Karenwatti

Physical Description

Body Features

Long scaled black body with dark red splotches, dark gold plated underbelly, short vestigial wings, and long hooked claws

Facial Features

Blue and red bio-luminescent flecks are scattered among the scales beneath his eyes

Apparel & Accessories

Karenwatti wears a dark green metal helmet with large spikes jutting and twisting out the back

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Formed the military that rose up to confront Erebos and subsequently defeat him

Failures & Embarrassments

Considers himself responsible for the decline in his brother's mental health and eventual spiral into madness. Unable to prevent Erebos from dabbling in ancient rituals, Karenwatti watched as he summoned a vast horde of demons from a subspace and his mind was corrupted entirely leading him to brutally murder their parents and being his planet wide conquest.   Unable to bring himself to kill his own brother, Karenwatti attempted multiple times to free his brother from the chaos eating away at his mind and soul. His bond with his brother allowed Erebos to rampage across the Fangor Mountains, growing stronger, as his essence slowly crumbled away as he searched in vain for a way to save him. It wasn't until years later when the fighting escalated and spread north and west that Karenwatti could no longer afford to hold back and directed his forces to kill Erebos. Unfortunately his hesitation allowed Erebos to grow in power and numbers so great that he could no longer hold him back, the demons massacring and razing everything in their path.   Despite this Karenwatti never gave up hope that he could save his brother, when he was finally brought down by Vic he felt the full weight of his inability to save Erebos, what he considers his greatest failure, crash down on him.

Personality Characteristics


Rebuilding Ethiea and returning it to its former glory


Social Aptitude

Well known for his noble and courageous demeanor, Karenwatti is an outgoing charismatic person capable of rallying large quantities of people with strong speeches and capable of breaking tension with well placed jokes. He keeps things light and relaxed when with his followers and friends, but dons an air of regality and finesse when conducting or participating in formal meetings.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Just to the east of Shawntique
Current Residence
The great Plains of the Frontier
Presented Sex
black scelra, rich purple irises
45'3" tall and 60' long
30 tons
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fangorian, Ethiean, Common


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