Aegimius Ink Heist Timeline

Ink Heist

  • 503

    8 /9

    Birth of Ink Kupp

  • 516

    Destruction of the Zumren Family
    Civil action

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  • 516

    8 /4

    12 /5

    The rescue and escape of Ink and Mael from the Zumren home

    The Zumren home was attacked while Ink was in the home conversing with Mael. Mael walked out carrying a young Ink and was stopped by Julian Magnus who was there killing the family. After a short interrigation Magnus let Mael leave with Ink. Mael hid with and protected him until his father Fexiah Heist showed up at the front door.

  • 650

    Destruction of the Cult of Zumren
    Civil action

    Additional timelines
  • 810

    Battle of Black Scale
    Military action

    Additional timelines
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