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Within the Ruins of Puku, a place shrouded in both dark enchantment and haunting beauty, lies a botanical marvel that has captivated the hearts and minds of adventurers, pirates, and scholars alike—the legendary Mendush plant. With its large leaves, purple-white blooms, and a history entwined with tales of daring exploits and mystical encounters, the Mendush plant stands as a testament to the resilience and wonder that abound within Milleadh.

Gather 'round, ye brave souls, and let me regale you with a tale that intertwines the legendary Mendush plant with the audacious exploits of Captain Isolde Whisperwind and her famed ship, the Windrider.

In the treacherous heart of the Ruins of Puku, where the dragon's fiery gaze scorched the night sky and wild elementals twirled with abandon, Captain Isolde embarked upon her trusty vessel, the Windrider. With its sleek frame cutting through the dark waters, she fearlessly ventured into the uncharted depths, her spirit unyielding to the perils that lay ahead.

Under the silvery glow of the moon, Captain Isolde's keen eyes caught a glimmer, a mystical beckoning from within the ruins. Driven by insatiable curiosity, she steered her crew deeper into the crumbling foliage, guided by whispers that danced upon the wind's ethereal embrace.

There, amidst the tangled remnants of a forgotten garden, she uncovered the legendary Mendush plant, its blooms a captivating symphony of purple and white. Tenderly, Captain Isolde plucked its petals, feeling an ancient power thrum within her very being.

Yet, their path to escape was fraught with danger. Wild elementals, imbued with untamed magic, sought to impede their progress, while the dragon's cunning traps threatened to ensnare them. Undeterred, the Windrider sailed with unyielding determination, maneuvering deftly and evading the perils that sought to thwart their return.

With the Mendush securely aboard, the Windrider triumphantly made its way back to port, a testament to Captain Isolde's unwavering resolve and the indomitable spirit of her crew. The ship became an emblem of freedom, its billowing sails carrying the untamed spirit of adventure across the Ruins of Puku, defying the dragon's dominance and inspiring all who beheld its triumphant return.

So, raise your tankards high and toast to Captain Isolde Whisperwind, the Windrider, and the legendary Mendush plant. May their tale forever echo in the hearts of those who yearn for adventure, serving as a reminder that even amidst darkness and peril, the spirit of exploration and the allure of the unknown can guide us to unimaginable wonders.

Appearance and Origin

To the untrained eye, the Mendush looks very similar to a lily, with six long petals on each flower, however there are several key differences. Mature flowers have a lily like appearance while younger blooms look more wild and dangerous in appearance. The leaves of the plant are a deep dark green, large and broad. To some a young Mendush plant without any flowers could be confused with a Monstera plant native to the Iron Empire.

The exact origin of the plant is unknown, however it was brought back to society by Captain Isolde Whisperwind and the Windrider in the year of 421 BCE. The crew is said to have suffered many an injury in their journey that the Mendush was able to help cure.


The plant has only been found in the Ruins of Puku, which is said to be the home of the fabled city of Passen. Despite efforts by many botanists, druids and alchemists, the plant only seems to thrive in this area. It is suspected that this is due to the residual wild magic that calls elemental creatures to the area, and makes it so dangerous to harvest.

I heard that an Arch-Fae was successfully able to recreate the habitat of the Mendush plant in the Fae realm. They say he had the help and blessing of not only the Fae Queen herself, but the elementals, in order to do it.
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Geographic Distribution
Average Height
6 feet
deep green broad leaves with purple and white flowers
Identifying properties
a mesmerizing blend of purple and white hues, creating a captivating contrast that sets them apart from other flowers
Root System
The discovery of the Mendush Plant by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney


The primary use of Mendush flowers is in the creation of potions and elixirs. Alchemists have found that the powdered petals are capable of mending minor wounds and accelerating the natural healing process without the addition of many other reagents, increasing the effectiveness of healing potions specifically. Enchanters have also been known to use the powered leaves to enhance the potency of protection and healing enchantments on items such as armor and amulets of healing.

The leaves of the plant are often used in ritualistic clothing for druids, said to imbue them with properties that increase the effectiveness of their healing rituals for the planet or even a person. Several tailors have reported to successfully turn the leaf fibers into a thread, enchancing the magical resistance of armor once it's enchanted.

Cultural Impact

Many river pirates claim that finding a Mendush plant while traversing the Limingterre Run, or the lake, is a powerful oemn from the elements, and a sign of good fortune. It has been said that some pirate captains will send word of a Mendush plant spotting when the moral of their ship is low, or they have had to many close run-ins with wild elementals. This is often enough to not only boost the moral of the crew, but also generate a state of gratitude and belief in the continued favor of their voyages.

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