Like any profession, becoming an alchemist is no easy task. It takes years of training, learning recipes and being able to to create and craft the potions that assist individuals throughout the world. An alchemist is capable of making use of the natural magic, often untapped, within things and uses them as a base to help achieve various results. In order to become a successful alchemist, one must understand the link between the natural and magical worlds.


Before an individual even begins the journey to become an alchemist, they must pass an initial set of tests that help ensure the individual is capable of meeting the very strict code that alchemists live by. One test generally deals with secrets and an individual's ability to keep them, while the other looks at the individual's respect for nature. There are insistences where these tests have been skipped over. A higher-ranking alchemist may know the individual in question and know that they already posses aligning beliefs in these areas. In this case the higher-ranking alchemist may choose to initiate an individual and begin teaching them.

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Career Progression
  1. Initiate
  2. Apprentice
  3. Jouneyman
  4. Master
  5. Grand Master


An individual looking to progress in the field of alchemy must accomplish several tasks before they can begin learning the creation of potions of a higher caliber. There is the physical test, where an alchemist begins conducting a recipe, as decided by the administrator. The teacher, along with several other high-ranking alchemists, will get together to determine if the individual is ready to progress to the next stage in their alchemical journey.


There are three main specializations that an alchemist may typically take up.

Individuals who specialize in these mixes have no issue working with dangerous substances, and are generally very responsible when it comes to vetting individuals who purchase from them. Many rogues lean towards this Alchemical field.
Those who specialize in these potions are looking to help people, regardless of who they are where they come from. Many druids and clerics lean towards this type of alchemy.
Transformation Alchemy is often the hardest to master. These alchemists are masters of disguise potions and resistance boosters. Rumors abound of an alchemst of this speciality creating a powerful transmutation stone. Many wizards and sorcerers have attemepted to take up this field in hopes of being able to learn or recreate that stone.

While rare, there are several alchemists who have learned, and a couple who have mastered, all three Alchemist Specializations. When one of these alchemists take on a student they will teach the student each of the branches to carry on the tradition.

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Jan 10, 2023 08:53

Having the famous person in the field is such a good touch and a great way to bind the article/profession to something more in the setting and story. Really clever :D   Do Alchemists have a lot of sway and influence in society?

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Jan 10, 2023 14:37 by Amanda McRoberts

Stein does, since he’s one of the heads of the Heist Clan, not that he ever uses it.   I’m sure there are Alchemists who try to, and some who successfully do. There are Kings and Queens who have specific alchemist, so “Alchemist to the King/Queen” is something that I’m sure you would see from them, trying to bolster their sales and such.

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