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Created as the waste material of the Vutt's. Bulbhide is a common material in the Nine Hells, but is prized on the Material Planes. Not as valuable as Adamintine due to it's inability to be crafted into armor and weapons. Bulbhide is however used in both alchemy and enchanting due to it's strength and natural healing abilities.
Bulbhides are small and rough in appareance. They are created as part of the natural digestive process of the Vutts, where the digestive juices break down the rocks, ores and crystals of the Vutts diets. Depending on the diet and age of the Vutt the bulbhide can and will vary in color and healing effects. Generally a youngling's bulbhide will only be potent enough to increase common healing potions. As the Vutt's mature the healing properties of the bulbhides increase. Potions made with bulbhide are known to do increased regeneration, however cannot be crafted by just any Alchemist.

History & Usage


It wasn't until Kric, Graz'zt's Vutt, pooped near the Peripat of Health he was in the process of making that the potency of Bulbhide was discovered. The particular peripat is said to have been given to his on again-off again lover Iggwilv, which they say protect her from all but his attacks.
Despite various attempts it seems that the Bulbhide's best use is in peripat and elixirs of health to help supress and cure disease. This could be a game changer for the Iron Empire where they have let disease run rampant.
— Nasir Yesdan of Vinorion


Several enchanters have been able to successfully infuse Bulbhide into pottery and other kitchen tools to infuse food and other dishes with the healing properties of this material. It is said that Geti was the first person to successfully do so.
I watched Geti sit the small round rock like object in the dish his dinner had just come in. The next meal the small cut on his hand started healing without him doing anything.
— Ritroi keeper of secrets at Estraenwerry

Reusability & Recycling

Depending on the initial use, one piece of bulbhide can be used in many enchanting recipes, or in several potions.


Trade & Market

In the 9-Hells bulbhides are readily available and easy to purchase through any general market. A wavier is generally necessary saying that masters will not use the items to poison their slaves, but that hasn't stopped many from doing so.

Law & Regulation

Bulbhides in and of themselves are poisonous to imps and other smaller creatures. Using them in this manor has been banned in various zones throughout the realms. Given the large availablity the Isle of Kraten is known to be a hotspot for theives from the material plane to find bulbhides, even with the threat of becoming Tiamat's Dinner.
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