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Vutt's are all the rage in the Nine Hells. I mean ever since the Black Hand was seen traveling the River Styx with one, everyone who is anyone had to get one. I heard Asmodeus himself had to step in and make sure that they weren't endangered. Could you imagine something this cute being endangered?!? It's just undevil like. Human! Pick up that bulbhide! Honestly good help is so hard to own now adays.
— unknown

Basic Information


Vutts are similar to pigs on the Material Plane with four legs, two ears, a snout and two eyes. The biggest difference between these two creatures is the Vutt's rather long and puffy tail. With this tail the Vutt is capable of bouncing through rivers of Lava, or sledding across glaciers of ice, though they prefer the warmer layers of hell.

Growth Rate & Stages

Vutts have a long life span of roughly 8000 years. Through these lifespans they go through 4 distinct phases.
birth -1500
Typically 6000 - end of life. If a Vutt reaches this stage they typically retire to Avernus, and spend alot of time on the Isle of Kraten torturing Tiamat at Asmoedus' behest.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The diet of a Vutt consists of Obsidian, Fire Quartz, Adamantine, and other rocks and crystals native to the Nine Hells. Given a diet of mainly rocks and minerals Vutts waste is a stone known as Bulbhide.

Additional Information


Vutt's are the pet of choice for high ranking members of society in the Nine Hell's including Asmodeus and his 11 children.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Vutts, similar to their material plane counter parts can be used as a food source if caught in the wild, by imps and lesser devils. However, if caught individuals are generally punshed and turned into food for other creatures.
Vutt's are breed and kept as pets for Hell's Elite, and there are entire Bulbhide farms where rocks of various types are fed to vutts to produce bulbhide of different quality, texture, and taste. There are those in the Nine Hells that will slaughter and turn vutts into chops and other food sources, but doing so is highly regulated, and only a few locations have permission to operate in this manner.
Vutt races and pagents are also common in the nine hells. Winners of either competition are granted retirement on the isle of Kraten by Asmodeus himself when they become elders, and are guaranteed to live a much longer life then most other Vutt's.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Vutts are native to the Nine Hells. They are the favorite pet for Asmodeus and his children, along with other arch-devils. While typically keeping to the fourth and sixth layers of hell, elder Vutt's prefer the first layer, in part due to their desire to please Asmodeus and torture Timat on the Isle of Kraten.
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8000 years
Average Physique
Vutt's resemble pigs in apperance, with the exception of their tail which is quite fluffy.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They have a thin, rough skin covered in short, fluffy fur which is usually either dark red, light brown, dark brown or dark purple or a combination of these colors.
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