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I thought it was wierd that months aren't used when I first moved here...but I get it now.
— An inhabitant of The Station originally from the planet of Rant
On The Station time is split into years, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.   The time of day is displayed on screens in every block around The Station for those who do not want to bother checking their modis.  


The planet that The Station orbits, Areu, rotates around the sun in 365.25 days, and thus, The Station also orbits the sun in that number of days. This is called a year. To make up for the extra 0,25 days, there is an extra day in the calendar every 4th year. Some cultures on Areu used to celebrate a sun God during these days. The Dragons on The Station have taken up parts of these celebrations and celebrate Sun Day on the extra day every 4th year.  


The Station does not use months. While the people of Areu used to split the year up into seasons and months, The Station has no need for these as it does not have seasons, and thus, the months of the previous cultures weren’t adopted. There are still references to them in culture, though.  


There are 52 weeks in a year, and each week has 7 days. This is only because the people of Areu used to have this. The dragons have considered changing the amount of weeks and days several times but it has never actually happened. Most of the population is happy with 52 weeks and 7 days.  


There are 24 hours in a day. Split into either 2 12-hour segments called day and night or 4 3-hour segments called morning, day, afternoon, and night.   Officially the days are named after the week that they are in. 1 / 15 is the first day of week 15. However, the days have unofficial names. The first day is named Murday, the second is named Aeyday, the third is named Vaasday, the fourth is named Aeranday, the fifth is named Reuday, the sixth is named Naxiday, and the seventh is named Nerday. These names were used by the largest culture of the people who came from Areu and created The Station. The days are named after very old gods. Very few references to these gods exist in the books in the Library.  

Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

One minute is 60 seconds, one hour is 60 minutes, and one second is 1000 milliseconds. The dragons didn't want to bother changing the clocks and all technology dependent on this way of telling time so they let it be.


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