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Other Dragons

I don't get why those dragons want to stay in that vile place...it reeks. Maybe they just cannot sense it? But that's weird. My aunt was magically stronger than me, but she still chose to stay there.
— An Other Dragon about The Station Dragons
When the dragons fled from their own universe to this one, the largest group of dragons settled on The Station. However, a smaller part of the group called The Station evil and decided to settle elsewhere. These other dragons split up into even smaller groups and settled on different planets across the universe.   The offspring of these Dragons developed differently on different planets. But like with The Station dragons, if the Other Dragons are mating with other species, they get more characteristics of those species. If two Other dragons mate in their dragon shape, then they will conceive "true dragons". These Other dragons have much longer lives and more magic than the dragons born on The Station. All the dragons who settled on other planets are also still alive without any age-related diseases.  

In hiding

All Other Dragons are hiding among the populace of the planets that they have settled in. They even hide when they happen upon The Station Dragons. Many Station Dragons do visit other planets as Trailblazers in an effort to help other planets. Sometimes the offspring of Station Dragons and Other Dragons have offspring together. These dragons are more magically gifted and sometimes even acquire rare abilities and conditions that neither of their parents have. This only happens when the Other Dragon pretends to be a Station Dragon. If both dragons mate in their humanoid shapes they will conceive halfling children with even lesser magical abilities.   While the offspring of an Other Dragon might have strong magical abilities, Dragons must teach their offspring about their Dragon Magic. If they are not taught, they cannot use most of it, which might lead to future magic related conditions.


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