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Bone necklace

That necklace? Yes, it's real bones. No...the owner of those bones is dead.
This necklace sits together with other jewelry in a glass display cabinet in the Grim's Curiosities store on The Station.   The necklace comprises ten pointy pieces of 3 cm long bones strung together by a 30cm long Ark chain. These bones have small runes carved on them, and they are from a Pygatoryx. These creatures are currently believed to be extinct.  


This necklace is from the planet of Areu. The owner of these bones and other creatures of its kind used to live on the northwest part of the planet. They were large and presumably not sapient. The necklace was made by a sapient species living on the planet around 3500 years ago for an important sacrificial ritual in their culture. This necklace is the only item remaining from that culture, which means very little is known about it. The only person who appears to have any kind of knowledge is Grim. Curious.


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