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Areu Diamonds

I can't afford one but I wouldn't mind getting one...don't know from who I would get one though.
There are few natural resources left on the planet of Areu, but these diamonds are still available to be mined. They are supposedly the hardest material in the universe.   The diamonds are rare resources used for jewelry, as containers for active spells, they are used in vehicle creation, other industries, and in machines used on the station.  


The diamonds are mined from caves. Generally, the diamonds are not found in the same caves as Ark, but the Ark found in caves together with diamonds are usually stronger.  


What decides the value of a diamond is its carat, its color, its clarity, its cut, and how large a spell can be placed in the diamond. This is mostly decided by the four first things, but sometimes it is not. There have been small diamonds with bad color, clarity, and cut that have been able to carry complicated spells. But this is very rare. The purest diamonds are perfectly transparent and colorless. This is important for jewelry and how much worth the diamonds have for that. However, for spells, the colors of the diamond should match the colors of the spells. Which makes colored diamonds worth more for spellwork.

The material

The diamonds are a very popular export. They are also important in the running of the Station. As for the spells used the most common spells is for light while the most complicated ones are  


According to the documents and files found in the Library of The Station the Diamonds were found around 4000 years before the Station was created. They were mostly used for magic in the beginning. They were later used for jewelry and then industry.

Symbolic role

Diamonds are not cheap. The diamonds are the epitome of wealth and power. Rich and powerful people want to have diamonds and like to wear them to show them off.


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