The Silly Scorpion

There was once a nasty scorpion with two stingers of grey,
Who terrorised every person that got in his way,
Til a Jackknife named Betti stood tall and so brave
And told him very firmly to move 'long and go away.
  The scorpion was cross and wouldn't back down
But Betti was having none of it and stood her ground.
She laced some fresh meat that had gone a bit brown
With a heavy coating of ihrrum dust that was lying around.
  The scorpion ate it up in the blink of an eye,
And went to leap forward to attack Betti's thigh.
When the scorpion jumped it fell completely shy,
As Betti's ihrrum caused it's strength to run dry.
  Betti grabbed the scorpion by both of it's tails,
And dragged it outside while it was still frail.
The locals came forth with a mighty wail,
And helped Betti chuck the scorpion on a spike to impale.


The tale of The Silly Scorpion is told to young Mosattan Jackknife children so that they learn not to be so afraid of Mosattan Scorpions.   It tells of a person named Betti who gave Ihrrum dust to a scorpion, causing it to lose it's greatest attributes of strength and accuracy. Once weakened the community was able to get rid of the scorpion once and for all by impaling it on a spike.   In reality, Ihrrum is so valuable that it would not be wasted on a predator species, and the scorpion would have probably attacked Betti before she could even grab the meat. Adolescent Jackknives are smart enough to understand this and regain their fear of scorpions, but in more of a respectful manner rather than a panicked one.

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The Mosattan Jackknives are an illicit gang that hideout in the abandoned ruins of The Lost Kingdom of Mosat.

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