The Faulty Lock Incident

The tragic sinking of a vessel in the west lock of Lockton.


On the frost filled morning of the 15th of Blumecall 315 2A a vessel carrying a full workforce of labourers into Lockton sank in the west lock of the city.   It is believed that the old boat was overloaded beyond capacity with passangers and heavy equipment in the cargo, with eye-witness reports stating that the vessel entered the lock at high speed causing it damage enough to take on water.
When the lock closed and began to fill with water, so did the boat, and the crew began to scream for help. The lockmaster halted the operation, but in doing so the mechanism broke and they were unable to lower the water. It was too late and the boat sank within the half filled lock.   Many of the passengers were unable to swim, and those that could were unable to escape from the sheer sided walls of the lock.

Captain Teriv dove into the water and rescued as many people as he could, helping to tie them safely to the ropes that crowds of people had brought to the scene.   He continued his rescue mission until his body reached exhaution and sadly drowned trying to recover more passengers from inside his ship.   Despite being the likely cause of this incident, he is already being called a hero by those he saved.  
Settlement | Nov 30, 2022

A large city in Pelkor known for its waterways.

Captain Teriv portrait
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Captain Teriv
282 1A - 315 2A
Report, Incident
Captain Teriv
Character | Nov 29, 2022

Hero (and arguably villain) of the incident in Lockton.

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Author's Notes

This article was loosely inspired by Ask A Mortician's incredible video on The Forgotten Disaster of the SS Eastland.  

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