Mirebug Fever

Mirebug fever is a nasty virus condition inflicted by the bite of an infected mirebug (native to the plane of Ol'Mire). It affects all types of Folks and a range of domestic and wild animals, too. Not all mirebugs spread this virus, only infected ones.   The fever has had devastating affects on Orlendian livestock, as nothing like this has ever entered the country before. The opening of Rifts during The Rupture nearly fifty years ago caused the world to be exposed to a number of threats. Invasions of riftbeasts and new flora, and the introduction of Magic were the most obvious changes - but amongst the chaos nobody expected the unseen invasion of new diseases.   Mirebug fever can be fatal to those who have a poor quality of life with little access to healers or medicinal care, particularly Gutterborn folk.  

Transmission & Vectors

Infections pass to Folks by:
  • the bite of an infected mirebug
  • contamination with mirebug contents (e.g. if you squash one between your fingers)
  • direct contact with the blood, tissues or body fluids of infected Folks or creatures
The majority of cases occur in folks living in mirebug-infested areas relating to professions that handle livestock, such as: farmers, slaughterhouse workers, livestock owners, and sometimes butchers.


The illness begins abruptly after a bite, so it's easy to tell if you have it. Symptoms include: fever, muscle aches, dizziness, neck pain and stiffness, headaches & migraines, sore eyes and severe sensitivity to light. Folks are encouraged to thoroughly inspect their body from head to toe to find the source of the bite in case the mirebug is still attached. It needs to be carefully removed so that it won't infect anybody else.


The symptoms of mirebug fever can be treated with medicines to reduce their severity, or a healer can help cleanse the body of fever.

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27 Dec, 2020 20:57

Sounds unpleasant. I find it really interesting that it can be contracted through merely squashing them.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
30 Dec, 2020 03:05

Remember folks, always use a flyswatter.

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