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King's Orchard Cyder

A refreshing alcoholic beverage from North Meles

Cyder is a refreshing alcoholic beverage made from apples and is very popular across North Meles.   King's Orchard Cyder is by far the finest drink in Bristow and comes from King's Orchard Brewery near the River Lume not far east of Capstone.   Local cyders vary from district to district and some can be very potent, leaving painfully heavy hangovers. King's Orchard is the longest established brewery in Meles and they have refined their methods over the years to create a refreshing, sweet beverage that won't knock you out after the second mug.   King's Orchard Cyder is traditionally served in a ceramic mug with two handles, one on each side (much like a trophy) which is an old time tradition of passing your cyder to your friend in celebration after a successful harvest. Other establishments serve cyder in tankards or glasses.   Hirst Potters (situated in Crestford, in the Clifton District) have been producing these specialist cyder mugs for over 200 years that have been distributed across the isles. They have become quite a collectible souvenir for travellers visiting from far off countries.   Cyder is a light and enjoyable drink and is favoured by most Melesians.  

Manufacturing process

Apples are picked and left to mature for around a week or so and then crushed into a pulp. The pulp is then put into the cyder press and crushed (often multiple times) to extract the juice. If the juice isn't already fermented, it will be transferred into large wooden barrels where it will ferment for several weeks before its maturing stage.
Cyder Mug by TJ Trewin
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
It's the most commonly available alcoholic drink in The Isles of Meles, but is a rarer occurance overseas.
Raw materials & Components
Melesian Apples
King's Orchard Brewery
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

Crafters of fine wines and the most popular cyder in Melesh, Anvil.


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