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Journals of Yesteryear

An interactive, bright fantasy worldbuilding project from the enthusiastic scribbles of
TJ Trewin, an award winning worldbuilder and creator of shiny things.
From the rail of the airship you watch another floating island drift lazily out of view. Excitement builds as the captain's bell signals your imminent arrival. Almost there!   Marvelling at the vast, picturesque terrain below, you see a patchwork of forests and fields dotted with centuries-old jindo ruins - one of which is surrounded by a camp of treasure hunters dangerously seeking priceless magical artifacts.   As the sprawling city of Goldbrook comes into view, the ship gracefully docks at the floating harbor. Disembarking, a gust of wind catches you off-balance. My ticket! With an instinctive flourish of magic, you return it to your hand - your thumb soothingly runs along its perforated edges as you head towards the brightly coloured tents of the guild fair... Time to find an adventure!


Pixel art of a golden entry ticket for the Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair

Pixel art ticket by TJ Trewin

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