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Sat, Nov 18th 2023 01:05   Edited on Sat, Nov 18th 2023 01:08

JOY Log 004: CSS theme

The visual theme for this world is really coming together and it's helping to set the mood for my worldbuilding! :D   I started my theme with a rough sketch of what it might look like before starting any CSS:  
I kept most choices, but decided not to put the article title over the header image because I realised that:
  • sometimes article titles can be quite long
  • the header image might be too busy to have legible text on top (and would be in different colours)
  • it probably wouldn't look so great on different sized screens
  • At the time of writing, there's still a few other tweaks that need doing - I'm only styling things that I've created so, until I make a map or a timeline, I haven't styled those things yet!   Right now I'm preparing for WorldEmber and you can check out what I'm up to in my plans & progress article here:  
    TJ's WorldEmber 2023 Plans & Progress
    Meta | Nov 27, 2023

    My plans, pledge, pixels, and progress for WorldEmber 2023!

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