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Bronzecap poisoning

A deadly mushroom poisoning that leads to metal cravings, premonitions, and bronzification.

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Bronzecap poisoning is a horrible condition to endure that can lead to fatal organ failure. Named after the bronzecap mushroom and its magic that causes the affliction, the effects of its poisoning have three identifiable stages.  

Cravings of metal

The first sign of bronzecap poisoning is a sudden bizarre craving for metal, not necessarily to consume it, but to be in physical contact with as much of it as possible. Physicians have reported patients even developing temporary kleptomania where they have reached for other's pockets for a fist full of coins, or stolen knives, swords, or even railings and door handles from the street.   The craving seems to come from being in the vicinity of the mushrooms in dark areas, particularly when they're releasing spores.


The second symptom of bronzecap poisoning that patients show is a feeling of looming dread for an unknown "bad thing" that is about to happen. When asked about their premonitions, none have been able to clearly articulate what they're afraid of. Their ancestral instincts kick in and they show signs of preparedness to fight, flee, or freeze in fear.   These two symptoms can be relieved by bringing the patient far away from the bronzecap mushrooms and for them to blow their nose and take deep, controlled breaths for a while. They will soon return any held metal that isn't theirs.


The final stage of bronzecap poisoning is almost always fatal. Consuming the fungi or allowing it to enter the bloodstream through open wounds begins the process of organ failure. The fungus begins to grow rapidly throughout the body from the inside until it emerges through the pores and begins to solidify, forming the same bronze-like colourations of the mushroom.   By the time a patient shows bronze colours externally, it is too late for even the strongest body magic to heal them.
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