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Balva Fruit

A sweet, firm fruit packed with fragrant flavours and delicious juice.

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Pixel art illustration of a balva fruit.
Balva Fruit by TJ Trewin
Balva fruit is a popular breakfast choice for folks in Zendu - at a first glance it looks similar in appearance to a pomegranate, but the flesh of the fruit is as hard as an apple when freshly picked, or as soft as a mango when left to ripen. It has a deliciously sweet flavour that is reminiscent of cinnamon and dates.   The fruit can be washed and eaten as is, chopped and mixed into a fruit salad, or crushed and squeezed into refreshing balva juice! Vendors at the Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair make a grand show of preparing their juice, using wind magic to assist a juggling performance before a burst of body magic to give a surge of immense strength to crush a balva in each hand - squeezing it completely dry before discarding the large pit in the middle.
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Consumable, Food / Drink
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