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400 Prompts

Exploring the weird and wonderful corners of worldbuilding with the help of some writing prompts!

I created an interactive Google Sheet full of 400 genre-agnostic worldbuilding prompts and for this world I want to fill out as many of them as I can! I've embedded my personal copy as an iframe statblock below so you can see how I'm doing!   You can see my article links next to the completed prompts, or search in my world for articles tagged with 400prompts and, if you want to join me (and over 3,000 worldbuilders) and have a go at these too, it's free or pay-what-you-want from my store :D   Share your articles in a global community post with the hashtag #400Prompts
(or feel free to comment below with a link to your article) and I'll check it out!
How to embed a Google Sheet on World Anvil
Here are the steps to embed your own copy of 400 Prompts in an article:
  1. Grab your copy of the sheet here
  2. Open your Google Sheet and click Share
  3. Set the access to Anyone with the link and make sure the dropdown is set to Viewer
  4. Click the Copy link button, and then click Done
  5. Go to your World Anvil dashboard, click on Advanced Tools, and then Statblocks
  6. Select Generic, Webpage (iFrame), then click Create a new statblock
  7. In the page url, paste your sheet url and remove the end part containing edit?usp=sharing
  8. Add a memorable title, and click Save changes
  9. Click the copy block button, and paste that block into an article!
  10. That's it! I recommend using either a full width article (hide the sidebar) or paste it in the full-width footer section of an article.

Cover image: Zendu field by TJ Trewin


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