Yonderverse Mars & Jupiter Timeline

Mars & Jupiter

  • 4500 years ago
    Martians first appear in space
    Discovery, Exploration

    The martians, the native sophonts of Mars, first venture into space. They are an incredibly intelligent species and quickly formed alliances with neighbouring planets such as Venus.

  • 4322 years ago
    Martian Space Council declares bankruptcy
    Financial Event

    The Martian Space Council, in charge of distributing funding towards various corporations working towards space travel, declares bankruptcy. This came as a shock to the general public, as the council received significant financial support in the years before this event.

  • 4000 years ago
    Jovians first appear in space
    Discovery, Exploration

    The jovians, the native sophonts of Jupiter, first start venturing out into space. Their first landings on different planets such as Mercury did not go to plan as these people were particularly threatening, in both their physical stature and demeanor.

  • 3905 years ago
    The First Jovimartian War
    Military: War

    The First Jovimartian War was fought over the Jovimartian Asteroid Belt. Both planets wanted to claim the entire asteroid belt as their own, and the war got them nowhere. They both surrendered and claimed half of the belt.

  • 205 years ago
    The Burning of the Oologooloo Tree
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Oologooloo Tree was burned by a group of martian teenagers. The prank-gone-wrong caused great controversy, and Jupiter blamed the entire planet of Mars while Mars only held the teenagers accountable.

  • 205 years ago
    Jovian Council Calls out Martian Teenagers
    Political event

    The Jovian Council make posts on social media, particularly Spacestar, calling out the martian teenagers who set the Oologooloo Tree alight, demanding reparations.

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