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K-Trawlers are small boats used for trawling the rivers of Venviri, under the works of Karkhala Industries.


K-Trawlers have a slim, cylindrical shape with points on either end. The propellor sits directly below the boat, powered with karkhalan crystals which generate energy themselves. The top of the boats have a small control room, larger boats also containing a side-room with bunkbeds. Along the bottom of the boats are large nets which can be released to trawl along the riverbeds.

Diamond Fishing

At the bottom of the mercury rivers on Venviri small diamonds can be found. They are very common, and are popular as decorations around one's house. Karkhala is one of the largest exporters of diamonds, exporting the material to over a thousand planets. With this, Karkhala has a reputation as being one of the most trusted planets with precious materials, as they also export a range of other luxury materials.

Fish Fishing

A side product of diamond fishing is catching fish. A handful of unique fish species live in the mercury rivers, and are often caught within these nets as they are dragged along the riverbeds. Some fish are released, while some are cooked and eaten, or sold. Fish to be sold are kept in frozen mercury containers, to keep them from spoiling as they are transported to various locations.

Types of Trawlers

Outrigger Trawlers

Outrigger trawlers use outriggers to tow the trawl. These outriggers are situated on either side of the boat, and can deploy two nets each. These are the most popular type of trawler, being used in about 70% of K-Trawlers.

Side Trawlers

Side trawlers deploy the trawl from the side of the boat, with two nets on each side. These trawlers used to be the most used trawler, but has mostly been replaced by outrigger trawlers. Now, about 30% of trawlers are side trawlers.
Owning Organization
8 feet
35 feet
10 mph

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