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This article is one of a series providing basic information for someone choosing to role-play a Birdfolk Player Character (PC) in a TTRPG based in the World of Cartyrion. The series is designed to encourage preparation of a Player Character by focusing on the nature of the character without focusing on the game statistics.
A Mountain-home Awkwana
The Awkwana, or Birdfolk, were Awakened on Cartyrion later than every other ancestry except the Kobolds. Created by the Corviar deities, this avian, though flightless, people are highly intelligent and remarkably durable.

Physical Description

Awkwana resemble humanoid ravens. Their heads feature a long, heavy beak rather than a mouth and bird-like eyes. Awkwana lack many of the small facial muscles that other Folk possess, limiting their facial expressions to what others often describe as a cold, penetrating stare. These birdlike eyes confer the ability to discern details and slight movements at great distances; their eyesight tends to be keener than that of most of the folk, though not any better in limited or no light conditions.

Most of the body is covered by feathers - small, tightly packed ones around the head; only slightly larger ones on the rest of the body. Natural plumage colors from greys and browns to jet black; the scaly skin of forearms and lower legs can range from a pale pinkish color to black as well. Some Awkwana are known to dye their plumage in bright colors to make themselves more distinctive.

Two arms instead of wings are covered to the elbow with feathers, and a scaly skin from elbow to fingers. The four fingers, one of which opposes the other to allow the Awkwan to grip things, end in talon-like fingernails. Some Awkwana have rather long feathers adorning their upper arms, making them resemble wings; though flight is not possible.

Legs are likewise covered with feathers to the knee; and scaly skin to the bird-like feet. Footwear must be specifically constructed for Awkwana to accomodate their one backward-pointing toe.
Preferred Race Name
Awkwana (singular Awkwan).
"Birdfolk" is not offensive if used by other Folk, but Awkana themselves will never use it.

Size: medium
Height : 5' to 6' (150 to 180cm)
Weight: 120 to 160 lbs (55 to 72kg)

Languages Spoken
All Awkwana speak Awkwan (their native tongue) and Commonspeech
Common other languages:
Dwarvish, Gnomish, Chittiki
Optional other languages:
Sylvan, Elvish

Childhood: Hatching to age 3
(First Molt)
Adolescence: Age 3 to Age 14
(Final Molt)
Adulthood: Age 14+
Life Expectancy: 50-60 yrs


Awkwana are a stoic folk. They do not complain about hardships or misfortunes; these are accepted for what they are. This attitude only reinforces the impression suggested by the lack of facial expression that they are emotionless, harsh people. But Awkwana attitudes can be just as positive, optimistic, outgoing, and even fun-loving as any of the other Folk,

Awkwana are taught from childhood to seek out their proper place in the world - the place where their particular personal talents and skills can be put to best use. It is not unusual for an Awkwan to try many different professions in their early adulthood - including adventuring - before determining where their "best place" is.


Awkwana Heritages

Heritage relates to family/bloodline history. Each of the Awkwana heritages confers some special innate ability or bonus that have evolved into a particular person's bloodline over the generations.

  • Affected
  • Gifted
  • Mountain
  • Stormborn
  • Spirit-sense
  • Awkwana Cultures

    Culture relates to upbringing. Each of the Awkwana cultures represents the situation in which an individual Awkwan was raised and shaped.

  • Artisan
  • Hunter
  • Truthseer
  • Urban
  • Waverider
  • Credits

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    Banner portrait and other character images by RPGDinosaurBob on Heroforge

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