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Variance S4 A


A variance in real estate is an exception to any local zoning law; a waiver for any standard zoning regulation. As opposed to zoning law changes, which affect all properties in a zone, a variance may only be granted on a case-by-case basis and only applies to specific requests made by property owners or investors. Overall, a variance in real estate is any exception to traditional zoning laws that must be requested on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Governmental Variance Request

Whereas a Government Faction building, for the purposes of conducting official government affairs, is to be erected at said location [insert lot details here], a S4-A Variance is hereby requested (hereafter referred to as ‘Blindspot’) .   Furthermore, for the said building to be approved for habitation and use, the construction of a S4-A Variance is required. No persons, nor organization, shall or will be allowed to congregate around or in said premises until the ‘Blindspot’ is constructed as per standard architectural and engineering specs detail.
“Seriously. Karyn?”   “I’m telling you the truth, Shannon.”   “This is in every government building?”   “In every one I’m aware of. Down on the sub-level four, between heating and plumbing. Right there in the maintenance hallway. It’s a bright red door you just can’t miss.”   “You’ve been there?”   “That’s what this key is for. When I got the promotion, there was an envelope sitting on my new desk. My name on it, and inside, this key and simple instructions and a few time stamps.”   “Time stamps? What do you mean?”   “There’s a set of times on the card. When I went to the door the first time and tried the key, it didn’t work. I mean, it went into the lock just fine, but it wouldn’t turn.”   “Weird.”   “Yeah. Then I figured, go back during one of the times on the card, and it worked.”   “The lock opened?”   “Yup. Opened right up into this nice little room. There was a lounge chair, a lamp, small end table, a mini-bar, even a small bathroom. It’s actually really nice — with a skylight above, lush plants in every corner. I looked in some of the cabinets and found a sound system with a digital collection of every kind of music I could imagine.”   “What the hell do you think it’s for?”   “The only thing I could figure out is…relaxing.”   “That doesn’t make any…”   “But I found something else, Shannon. There’s also a timer over the door on the inside. The moment you shut the door, it starts counting down. You can leave whenever you want, but when the timer gets to 30 seconds, it beeps. When it hits zero, the sunroof shuts and the lights go off.”   “Who gave the key to you?”   “Don’t know. I asked my boss, but he looked at me oddly and shrugged. Said he didn’t know what I was talking about. But the strangest thing is when I checked the security log. Thirty seconds before the timestamps on this card, every security camera from my office to te red door turns off.”   “That’s…creepy, Karyn.”   “I know!”   “You want me to get the door for you?”   “Please.”   “Hey! Get your hands OFF me!! Karyn?!?”   “What are you doi– what?” “...............”   “But she didn’t….”   “...............”   “The key was on my desk when I…..”   “...............”   “No, I don’t want to….”   “...............”   "It's called what?"   “...............”   "Blindspot. I see."   “...............”   "And no one will know as long as I'm behind the red door?"   “...............”   "No records at all?"   “...............”   “Wow. Okay. Yes. I…understand.”   “Karyn? What are they going to do with me?”   “...............”   "KARYN!"   “Sorry, Shannon.”   “What are they going to do with…mmmph! mmmMMMmmm!!!”   “...............”   "Oh no, that's fine...she's just from accounting."


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That took a turn! Fun read

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Yay! So glad you liked it =)

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