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The Rook

The Rook are highly trained Evolu warriors, assigned to serve and protect specific individuals within society. Though their first purpose is to protect their commander--a Rook is considered an appendage to the will of those who command them.   Their service is voluntary and those who do serve cannot be the head of a household. Being a righteous patriarch is considered a far greater calling in evolu society.   Of the Rook, the most famous are those who serve under Lady Tamorah. In her extended service to King Robert III, her Rook have mingled with, fought for and with humans time and again.   Rook are 'joined' in groups of seven, who are then considered to be family. Masters of woodlore, tracking, hand to hand combat and advanced healing arts. To qualify for service, one must be an adult male, of sound moral character, and be well disciplined in the use of bows, knives, sword, short swords, spear, staff, and ansakö (snare rope).

Lady Tamorah's Rook

  • Taeel (wild, restless)
  • Silvan (sparkling)
  • Lemrull (limb walker)
  • Lysendol (bright sun)
  • Andor (man, warrior)
  • Gregers (watchful, vigilant)
  • Odd (point - of a weapon)

Upon My Life

Military Order
The Rook were first mentioned in the book Race to Til-Thorin.

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