The Race of Seven Sons

The Race of Seven Sons

Every fourteen (14) years, the 'races of light' gather together to pit their greatest heroes against one another in a contest of skill, bravery, and speed. Over the centuries this race has dwindled in contestents--old alliances crumbling--leaving the Seven Kings of Men and their domains as the only regular partcipants.   Though the contest changes as to the goal--it is always organized and designed to me a conpetition of extreme danger, placing the lives of the contestants at risk. Many have lost their lives, or been mangled from this contest--the coveted grand prize being well worth the risk.  

To The Victor Goes The Spoils

The purpose of The Race Of Seven Sons (the original number of contestants in ancient days) is to gain the favor of other kingdoms.   The "entry fee" for each kingdom is a lifetime of wealth and a single 'unique gift' for the contestant winner. However, the grand prize all kingdoms seek through their champion, is being able to call upon all losing kingdoms for a single "favor" during period between each race.   The losing countries are obligated, under oath, to provide a single request to the winning country, so long as it complies with the signed charter.   The exact details of this charter remain a secret between the rulers.


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