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Soot and Sinew

At the very center of one of the oldest mortal cities, lay a floating building of wood and stone, once know as the Väre or ‘Ripple’.   Named after the effect of a pebble being dropped into the water, the Väre was the center of all aggression ‘rippling’ out into the world…and the center forge where the @Duron weapon masters used their skills to shape curious workmanship.   But@Seafoam is a city upon the waters. Resources are finite, and fire was something to be controlled at all times, lest the people die upon the open waters. Yet when the gods presented their gift to the sea-faring people, no resource was spared to bend the strange ore to their will.   United the masters waged war upon the quandary.   Unyielding will and the loss of life secured to the world the @Swords of Ate…but these arcane masterpieces of death were born at a terrible price. Requiring a heat greater than any before it, the Väre burned.

To Heal All Wounds

Stories are still told of the great heat that all but destroyed the mighty forge of the Duron people. Of the lives lost in keeping the flames from feasting upon the whole of Seafoam.   When the smoke drifted out to sea and the bodies of the dead were counted—a call came out from the leaders. That weapon crafting, for the safety of the people, must be moved to the outer rim, where flame could be held in check by the water elements.   Yet another cry was heard—one from the people, asking that a symbol be erected in the place of the wound. A new building, built upon the place of death—to oppose it.   In a covenant with the great elements, the people gave of their homes—both wood and stone, in honor of those who sacrificed so much for so many. Beams and brick were brought to the artisans, that a place of healing could be built.   Upon the soot of tragedy, the sinew of the Duron would be saved.    

Soot and Sinew Apothecary

Under guard and watchful eye, I have been permitted to enter the sacred building affectionately called ‘Soot and Sinew’—the Duron Apothecary.   Now realize that I’m a well traveled historian. My father was a famous botanist. Some of my closest friends are healers, shamans, and scientists.   Nothing I have ever seen prepared me for Soot and Sinew.

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