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“Entry 102. This is Dr. Corrin. I’ve successfully repelled down the mine shaft outside our camp to join Dr. Everston and Professor Baitman, who decided to work through the night. The rediscovery of the Scuddlespine, or Skateodipus Spinatus has the whole camp giddy — all records of this rare nocturnal breed of mouse thought to be extinct. This researcher is most excited to extend and possibly even correct various entries stored in the FAF database.   There’s no sign of either scientist, but they did say they would see how far this cavern went, before attempting to capture a specimen to inspect.   I am attempting to wiggle my way through the deeper crevices, following the dual rope lines on the ground. The light from outside is gone, requiring a flashlight.   Wait.   I detect a faint scratching noise from the darkness in front of me. Using the flashlight, I can’t see.   Oh my! Hahaha. Startled me.   No, wait — don’t be afraid!   The light apparently startled a small Scuddlespine, named for its mode of movement and the curvature of the mouse’s body. Large ears exceedingly sensitive to sound, they don’t use their eyes so much as using sound in a sonar fashion to ‘see’ their environment.   Wait, the sound’s coming back.   Previous records explain the Scuddlespine to be nocturnal hunters. Carnivores that feed off bugs, grubs, even small fish, though they prefer to remain underground in a cold, moist environment.   Oh, there you – you’ve brought a few friends. How nice. I have a treat for you, sweet little things. Let’s see here. How about a piece of dried meat?   There you go.   Wait, come back! Oh my. The direct light of my torch scared them off.   Further records indicate that the Skateodipus Spinatus live in family orientated colonies, breeding only when there is a large, or sustainable food source.   Oh, don’t run out on me now….drat. *bang* *bang* Batteries in the torch are flickering.   Bugger.   Goodness!! You startled me, little ones!   My…you’ve brought quite a few friends this time, haven’t you?   I do have one more piece of dried meat. Come on. Come a little...closer.   No? I’m a big, scary gnome, I know, but I won’t bite. Promise.   Here, I’ll bring it to you.   That’s it — just a little  OW! That hurt! No, no, no, no, no! Blast and tarnation, I need that flashlight!   Come on, you. Reach. That’s it. Almost.   *Sigh*   Well this is not turning out like I’d expected. Can’t climb deeper without new batteries, so I guess I’ll.   Hellllo.   Where did you all come from?   You’ll need to move, little ones. I have to go get more batteries, then I’ll be ba—   Stupid torch!   Ow! That hur—OW! What’s going on? GET OFF ME!! OWW!!   [static]
Scientific Name
Skateodipus Spinatus


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Well that was terrifying.

Jul 23, 2022 18:59 by Jaime Buckley

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